Harriet and Quinton

"The somber look in your eyes

The radiance of yours that has been dimmed

By what, if I may ask

What has done this horrible act to you?

What has broken your vivacious spirit?"

Gregor approached the dimmed star with great

Apprehension, for he feared her quivering lip

Her icy stare

Her everything

Absolutely every element of her was transformed to lead

Weighed down by some unknown force

Could it be the gravity of life sinking in?

Could it be the heartache of this love gone wrong?

Could it be the usual roller coaster of hormones?

Or could it be some alternative force?

An extra pressure that stole away her every laugh

Broke her every smile

Fractured her every word

This force, he decided at once

Was to be combated by him


In the most diplomatic and sympathetic gesture he

Could possible muster in such a situation

Gregor reached down

Her jumpy eyes followed

Vacant of all emotion, just confusion left over, constantly rising

In the oven that was her imagination

Gingerly, he placed his hand on hers

He was seated now

So close they were, yet they were universes from understanding each other

Harriet's spiked eyelashes, held up by the bonds of

Sadness, for he was just too kind

Flickered as she silenced the waterfalls that teemed

Beneath her vivid, emerald windows

Taking in the air surrounding her

Abundant in the courage she would need to make her

Reluctant vocal chords function, she began slowly

"Gregor, I do not mean to upset you

I am merely troubled by life's quickened pace

Do not concern yourself with me

A silly little girl in the midst of the transition to womanhood

Leave me now, dear Gregor

For you, of age eighteen, would find no satisfaction with me

A young thing of fifteen

You are bound for university in less than a day

Go, Gregor Thompson, greet your fantastic future

Only wonderful things await you there

Whereas I, tied back by irremovable chains of birth, shall be condemned

To a life with not another

Until my eighteenth, and it shall be then that you and I can be


I shall keep my faith

I shall harness my desires

I shall quell my alternative emotions

For you, my love

As for you, move on if you must, Lord knows you shall

Meet many a girl in your experiences

But please, just don't forget your one true love is waiting

Waiting ever so faithfully

Let it be common knowledge to your conscience at this moment"

Her words seemed to cease in mid-sentence, yet she was finished

Letting out a deep sigh, Harriet Quinton stood from the grungy

Brick steps she had been seated upon

Gregor followed her as she glided, grasping his hand now

Across the mosaic of pebbles that composed the very ground they stood upon

Overlooking the rampant waves of the never ending ocean

They stood

They dreamed

They danced

Until the time arrived when Gregor would need to be departing

In the midst of a distant roll of thunder

He broke Harriet Quinton's heart

With a faint kiss on her shivering lips

Pink with gloss, yet it had faded with the passing of the hours

Now it was an eternal tattoo on Gregor Thompson's lips

There forever as a painful reminder of the very love

He was obligated to abandon until a later time

Which never again introduced itself to the two. . .