The Acuran Empire

Prologue 160AE Elzera

People were running as fast as their legs could carry them through the streets of Elzera. There were panicked cries from the people as lasers appeared every and again from the sky, landing on a nearby object. Potholes lined the streets from where the lasers had hit, and every once and a while you could see stray body parts tucked away into street corners. The market place was surprisingly brimming with activity. People were buying and selling goods, the urgency to move onwards making the sales quick and efficient. Only a mere few people stayed where they were long enough to haggle with the shopkeepers, even they were getting nervous as they glanced up at the skies.

The market place was soon abandoned as the clouds began to form over the shopkeepers stalls. Even they eventually had to move, and when they did it was a fast scuttle towards their homes. The rain soon thundered on the stalls where the people had once been, the sale items covered by force fields or simple white or coloured blankets. Past the market place you came to row after row of houses. Lights flickered on and off in the many rooms inside each house as the sky began to lose the light that had once shone all day long.

Past these houses was a superdome. It was ten times the size of a normal base ball stadium. It was an illuminated silver colour, with windows over two metres long. It was taller than any building that was seen in the twenty first century. Across a beam near the top of the dome, were little statues about a metre tall, of a young boy playing a harp. He had wings, and was in the nude. Down from the beam there were more portal like windows, and you saw a wide archway. This archway went inwards about two to three metres then revealed a set of iron doors. On one of the doors there was a security pad, and when they opened they revealed another, more startling sight.

Inside the dome was brimming with human activity. People were carrying documents, scrolls, pushing carts towards other door's that circled all around the main foyer. In the centre of the room there was a two metre high statue of a bearded man. He had his arms stretched out wide and in the gap between there were at least nine round balls, each differing in size. The statue of this man too was in the nude like the little boy had been on the front of the dome outside. He was perched on what looked like a rock and sitting awkwardly as a marker read: 'To Gryo, Lord and God of all Planet's'. Past the statue of the God there was a silver reception desk. A woman in her mid fifties was sitting behind it typing away on a computer similar to what was available in the twenty first century, except for the monitor was round and the CPU was a tiny little box. Strewn across her desk there were odd bits of paper, scrolls, scattered everywhere. Behind the receptionist was another security padded door, although this door lead outside.

Outside was a enormous courtyard. There were flowers, plants and trees. There was a park bench along one side of the garden, and in the centre of it there was another statue, this time of a woman with long curly hair. She was carrying a book in her long, slender arms and wore a toga. She was also standing with one leg bent slightly into the air, the other planted firmly on the ground. A marker was on her stone as well 'To the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom, Heathra.' There were several people standing around chatting in the courtyard, mostly exchanging documents and scrolls and sometimes food. They looked very relaxed, but every now and again they turned their nervous glances skyward as more bright multicoloured lasers filled the sky around them. Soon they got tired of standing outside in the pouring rain and retreated indoors.

Through the gap in the nearby trellis there was an enormous dock. Not a sea dock, for there was no ships and no ocean nearby. This metal dock was designed specifically for one purpose. The taking off and landing of space ships. The area was quite vast and wide—similar docks spread for miles. Even in the pouring rain, there were people gathered around one small tiny space ship. It was ball shaped, and painted a black colour. The door to the space ship opened revealing a cosy beanbag and roomy space that looked like it was set up for a young girl child. Baby, maybe.

"Are you sure we should do this?" A young woman asked. She looked down at the baby girl she held in her arms. The baby's ocean blue eyes matched the young woman's own eyes, and her olive pink skin was the same as her mother's.

"Yes, deadly sure," a man answered standing beside her. He had soft, curly brown hair that he wore long. He had it tied back in a ponytail, and wore an armoured suit, "she must grow up away from all this."

"But she's only a baby!" the woman protested, moving her long blonde hair away from her eyes, "she'll not know us. How do we know she'll go to a nice family?"

"Have faith in Gryo's words, will you? He said she'd be made safe and I believe the God even if you do not," the man announced snatching the baby from her mother's arms, "she's got every comfort in the universe. Gryo will watch her while she travels. Have faith in the God, he'll make sure she gets to safety."

"I don't understand how come you can have so much faith in Gryo when even he has limited powers," sniffed the mother watching her husband put the child in the space ship, "remember, the other Gods banished him for creating the other planet's in the first place. For creating Elzera!"

"Yes but then the other Gods and Goddesses decided to make do with what he'd done, and now here's where we live, and we have Gryo to thank for it," the man announced, "do not worry Zuni. The child will be safe. Gryo gave us his word."

"Even you know a God can turn on his word," hissed Zuni as two armoured men closed the hatch where the baby had been laid.

"We've got no choice now, everything's set in motion, I cannot turn my back on the God even if I wanted to," snapped the man as the space ship began to start up, "she'll be fine. I have every faith in Gryo that she will make it to wherever she needs to go. She'll go to a good family."

The two parents watched as the space ship gained in power. Silence fell over the crowd as it lifted up into the sky as two huge jets of fire burst from the bottom of the craft. They watched until they were soaking through with water, and the space ship had disappeared from sight. The two parents then left the dome, each holding the others hands as more ships began to be loaded for leaving the planet. Zuni, not knowing why, turned to look up at the sky with sudden fear.

"Look, Argon!" she cried tugging on her husbands shoulder as they both turned to look up at the sky.

It was a magnificent sight to behold. The whole sky had turned to daylight once again, instead of the usual darkness. The rain had evaporated and the ground had begun to heat up underneath the pair. It soon became impossible to plant their feet on the ground. The sky changed colour again as a yellow glow much brighter than the sun appeared in the sky that Hithros had once guarded so well.

"It's coming," Zuni whispered, "where is your faith in Gryo now Argon? It's the end!"


Argon never got to finish his sentence as the laser hit the ground with full force. Both parents bodies were burned to smithereens, the same fate that met all the other people around them. The ground began to shake rather violently as the dome burst and cracked. Water leaked from the pipes spraying everywhere. Fires began to light up everywhere as the ground shook, and shook, and shook. Time passed as the planet gave a violent lurch sideways. Buildings had long collapsed, and there was an eerie silence all around. Then the ground divided up into more and more little cracks through the ground…

The cracks became bigger and wider. The ground began another round of shaking, moving, and twisting. The buildings that hadn't collapsed before did now, as did the statues of the gods and goddesses that had once lined the streets. The whole planet shook violently as a rushing wave of water spilt over the vast city scope. Then, there was another violent shudder as the water lurched forwards, spinning faster and faster. Suddenly, without warning, the water shot downwards like it was pouring down the drain.

The sound was louder than gunfire on a battlefield. Ten, maybe fifty times louder than the largest earthquake you've ever heard before, anywhere. The rumble began to get louder and louder and louder. Soon the cracks were not only appearing in the ground, but in the sky, where you could see gaps where the stars were. There was a rushing noise, like the sound of a vacuum. You could physically see all the air leaking out and the plants, grass and trees shrivel up, or, what was left of them shrivel up and die. Then there was a deafening roar unlike any of the noises you had previously heard. The cracks, rumbles, and ground exploded into a fire that reached up into the skies and beyond. Then, then there was nothing. After all that noise, eruptions, all that was left where Elzera had once been was rocks, little meteoroids floating through the sky.

Meanwhile, miles away from the exploded planet, having just missed out on its after effects, was the space ship carrying the little baby, unaware of what had just taken place on her home world. She rolled around in her soft warm blankets as a lullaby played in her ear…

'Sleep well little princess

For that's what all little girls are

Listen to my voice and cease to cry

Sleep well little princess

You'll sleep well tonight

Under the moonlit stars that blink in the skies

So sleep well my little princess

And listen to my lullaby…'

As the ship soared through the sky the little girl slept. The ship glided along through the stars, and narrowly avoiding any meteorites or asteroids that may've came her way. As it soared it came closer and closer to another planet. Heading straight for it, the space ship was cleared by the docking bay having discovered that only a little child was on board, not a threat to anyone. The ship passed safely through the atmosphere and landed on the docks where the ship was greeted by a dozen, armed military men.

At the head of these men was one wearing bronze armour from head to toe. On the back of his chest armour he wore a blue cape that flowed out behind him. His face was smooth and kindly looking. He had light icy blue eyes, and curly short black hair. He looked as though he was in his early thirties, maybe late twenties. All the men eagerly waited to see what lay inside this space ship. The door lowered out onto the docks revealing the sleeping child. The man stepped forward and took the girl into his arms. He found the note inside.

'Dear whoever finds this bundle of joy

Our daughter is in your care, better hands than the ones we currently have. We hope, as her parents, that you'll be able to look after her as we never could. Her name is Lillith, should you chose to change it, well, that is your decision. But she already answers to the name and probably won't forget.'

The man crumpled up the letter in his hands and then pocketed it as he held the baby. The child opened its ocean blue eyes and smiled, clapping its hands together happily.

"What do you reckon, kid?" the man asked the child, "I would think my wife would like to see you, little Lillith."

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" asked one of the younger guards, "I mean, she could be—,"

"There's no need to worry," laughed the man, "she's a baby. She can't cause any trouble. She'll be raised in the good, Acuran ways after all."

"Okay Colonel Stryder," the young man answered, "I hope you know what you're doing."

"I couldn't leave her here to die, now could I?" Stryder demanded, holding the child.

The man Stryder took the child into his house. She was greeted with great enthusiasm by Stryder's wife, Channel. After a few weeks they finalised the adoption papers. Lillith was now a full member of the Stryder family, unaware of the past she'd left behind on Elzera. Or, the past she would have had if the planet hadn't been destroyed.

Lillith grew into a beautiful child. She had soft golden brown hair that went down to her waist. She was strong and lean, and had a rather forceful personality. She was more than a match for nearly everyone else around her. Colonel Stryder was soon promoted to General Stryder, and they were both doing well on Acura, and Lillith enjoyed being doted on by both parents and relatives alike. But there is a time in every child's life when they begin to wonder where exactly they came from…

Author's Notes: I hope you like my story, all of you. This is just the prologue, hurrah, and it's been completed. This has taken WEEKS of hard work. The next chapters will probably take a while. So please, read and review!!!

A few bits of information you should know:

AE: after the Acuran Empire was formed

BE: before the Acuran Empire was formed.

Gryo: Banished God of the planet's, son of Alianne the Goddess of Cooking and Fire, and Dracaenas God of the Sea

Heathra: Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom. Gryo's Aunt and Alianne's sister.