they asked her to stick around and stare at the stars
they ignored her when she asked why
so she stared up at the stars
found herself looking at a mirror image – broken
and knew that they merely wanted to rape her bones

she was trapped in a nightmare and couldn't get out
it was like something in a horror story
but reality was all to real for her and she broke down
he picked her up, took her soul and said "it's alright"
she smiled like a doll and said "not tonight

they told her to settle down and stare at the stars
they answered "no" when she queried after her one love
so she gazed up at the stars
discovered herself in a mirror broken
and knew they didn't care at all
merely wanted a story to tell their friends

she was stuck in a wretched situation and couldn't get a grip
it was something like a comedy gone wrong
and when she realized she wasn't in a movie she shattered like a piece of glass
he gathered her in his arms, tore out her heart and said "it's alright"
and she gazed up at him and slapped his face saying "not tonight"

now tonight she sits around staring at the stars
she ignores them when they ask her why
they stare up at the stars
find themselves looking into a oval mirror – not broken
and knew she had them fooled

she was racing through a field of flowers
it was something like a tragedy turned right

she smiles as they melt as they realize this isn't just a horror flick
he tried to guide her into her arms, to rape her body telling her "it's alright"

but she smiled sly and told him firmly "not tonight"