"Don't You Forget About Me"

Bright lights,
Fast talking,
Only thoughts in her head
Him, him, him…
'I'm so sorry'
She says to herself over and over
Mother's crying,
Saying "why, why, why?!"
"I'm sorry" she manages to cough out
She seemed perfectly fine,
Until she got into the room
Doctors in and out
She felt such pain in her body
Her head's aching
Heart's racing; filled with pain
'what have I done?
He'll never love me again
This wasn't the first time
This was hopefully the last time
Though so where the other few times
She couldn't take the pain
The lies, the stares, the threats
All the ignorant people who didn't understand her
Even after that, they still don't know of the hospital incident
How she wanted to teach a lesson
Let's all be nice to each other;
All that she wanted
Something so simple that should have been learned years ago
But seems our generation is so slow now,
And she just wanted to escape to give a message
But she hurt two people
The two most important people
In her life;
In her world
She'll live with such guilt
What if it happened?
She just wouldn't want them to forget her
Unconscious, she imagined she were gone
She cried within her slumber
Sang "don't you… forget about me" in her little head
Tears streamed down her face
She awoke,
Had to face another day in the cruel world
Still with the panging pain in her heart