Waiting for You

At seven in the morning
I'm up and awake
looking forward
to seeing you

At seven-thirty
I'm getting dressed
I am waiting
for you
as always

At eight o'clock
I'm still waiting
wondering what you
are doing
without me

By eight-thirty
I'm beginning to think
that I won't see you
this morning

When nine rolls along
I think you have gone to sleep
my time here is almost up
so I begin to pack

At nine-fifteen
I think of retreating to bed
for it seems to me
that you will not come
to see me

By nine-twentyfive
the snow is falling
and I stare out the window
to what I would have considered
a winter wonderland

How is the snow there darling?
Is it still cold
as it is here?

Nine-thirty has come
and now I must go
another morning was spent
alone in my room
waiting for you

(C) January 21, 2006

written between 9am-9:30am (and my boyfriend came online at 9:31am. LOL!)