Legend of Emeralds

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Chapter 27: Epilogue

David had his arms folded on the stern rail, gazing back with an unreadable face. The wind toyed with his unbound hair, sending strands of it flickering delicately over his features, but his expression didn't change, remaining pensive around a pair of eyes that reflected the cloudy skies.

Philip came up beside him, muttering something under his breath as a larger than usual wave made the boat pitch, making him lose his grace and lurch slightly into the rail beside his lover. David, listening, decided that it was probably a dire indictment against all forms of travel that spoiled the redhead's poise.

"Feeling better?" he asked with a slight smile, turning slightly towards the other man.

Philip grimaced. "Yes, I suppose," he sighed. "I thought it was girls who were meant to get disgracefully seasick, but Katie's fine. She's flirting with the sailors." This last was added with an eyeroll.

"Scandalous creature," her brother remarked absently. "I wonder if I should go rein her in?"

"She'll get bored of it soon enough," Philip shrugged tolerantly. "Anyway, there's no one to stare at us now."

David looked back again at the country they'd just left, the land a dark, brooding line above murky green sea. "Do you think we'll ever go back?" he asked softly.

"Maybe," Philip said, voice equally quiet now. "Someday. When people have forgotten us, we can go back, under assumed names, see how it's all changed." He leaned closer to David then. "But it doesn't matter, whether we do return or not. I don't need England. I have you. All I care about is on this boat. You, my clothes -" This made David's mood lighten, as Philip had known it would, and the brunet laughed ruefully. "And if we do go back, under a false name, I think I want to be a Count."

David shook his head at Philip's flippancy, but straightened his back again with a wistful sigh. "Fare thee well, England," he said with half-mocking melodrama, raising a hand to his lips and blowing the far off land a kiss.

Katie came up behind them, the breeze frisking merrily with her skirt in a way that made it unsurprising how amenable the sailors were to her. "What are you boys still doing back here?" It had taken her a while to adjust to being accepted back into their group, and to accept them in turn, but they were both now beginning to regard her as a younger sister once more - and she was even starting to accept Philip as a kind of brother-in-law, something David suspected they could owe to the influence of her new maid and friend, Rachel. "Come on, we can see France!"

She turned, to lead the way back to the prow of the ship. Following behind, Philip flung an arm around David's shoulders to steady himself against the sway of the deck as they went to see the new land they were approaching, and David felt a lift in his heart.

Because sometimes, you have to leave your regrets behind, and trust in happy endings - and emeralds.


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