What I don't understand

-is why don't you want to take a stand?

Run away from this type of life?

Why do you seem to enjoy the strife?

That seems to be your daily air


I disapprove of the life you lead

Progress has its own speed

Why won't you run away?

And seek the life you have been denied?

Why do you want to go through this day by day?

Don't you want to be free?

Leave your cries and have more tries

Why can't you see, what I see in you?

A person with potential and possible prosperity…


I know I unstitched an old scar

Made it bleed

Dipped it in vinegar

I made you remember

How vulnerable you could be


You mean a lot to me

Stare at the sea before us

Catch that bus

And really be free

And lead the life I pray for you

Unveil the blue…

Do you see the sun?

A/N: This is unnamed cz it was something that came from the bottom of my heart dedicated to my friend. This is from me to him. Chris, I'm sorry for all that you have been through. Luv u loads.