Murdering Angel---

Let the bruises heal themselves
Cause only words can hurt me like you
Keep me locked in this blood cell
Cause only knives can cut me like you

Let the tears cry myself to sleep
Let the blood soak in these dying eyes
Bleeding for your demonic dream
I am yours; your own broken corpse bride

Keep me safe; please hurt me no more
Liar; you betrayed me
Rescue me; like you did before
Deceiver; you murdered me

I hear your voice calling me
Only to drop me down from heaven
Murderer; I hear your screams
And the cycle starts over again

Praying for the nightmare to end
Praying for you to return to me
Come back; who am I to defend?
I beckon you; I am on my knees


My guardian angel
Turned his back towards me
Shot me with his arrow
And he dug my grave so deep

My once upon a time
Turned into my nightmare
Here I am; I'm not gone
Stuck inside my own prayer

(Chorus 3x)

Keep me safe
Don't betray me
Rescue me
Don't deceive me