1. The Beginning of the Zenith
All alone on the crowded street
The uncrowned now King
I stare at blurred images of students
Dripping wetness, rain soaking my coat
Standing outside a coffee shoppe,
A deep breath is taken.
I am alone but I am happy.

2. Strains of Afterlife
Bent over a crumpled paper,
My hair touches the dusty desk
I write furiously with a moribund pen
Words concocted in my mind,
And sprung to life in my hand.
I shiver and I yawn
For work at any rate is not easy.
My head falls,
Overcome with deathly fatigue.

3. Enlightenment
In the middle of nature's evergreen
I stare at the boy in the dreams,
Now become a man,
And I struggle to battle tears.
He shakes his head and takes my hand…
I only frown.
Depressive pieces of my soul
Creep ever so slowly into my fears.
But then, words are spoken softly.
Pieces taped together to form an image,
A whole being, one entity…
I am rejoicing inside.