I will be your Stud Buckly

and you can be my Scooter Pie.

Hang your love on my neck

and I can kick the sky.

Spread the blanket on the grass

and feed me what I eat.

Smear jelly on the biscuits

and mustard on the meat.

When lovers roll in the grass

and laugh like lovers do

kiss me with your sweet lips

and I will roll with you.

Let me be your Pup Lover

and you can be my Mindy Moll

I'll carry you in my arms

and toss you like a doll

I'll hold the string in my teeth

and you can fly me like a kite

or hang me in the apple tree

and pull me down for a bite.

Pour wine in my open mouth

and feed me bits of bread

Make a pillow of your lap

and let me rest my head.

Let me be your Bottom Dollar

and you can be my Shiney Dime

I'll drop you in my piggy bank

and keep you for all time.

Spend me like a sailor

or steal me like a thief

I can be a millionaire

or a bankrupt on relief

Pin me to your shirt

and wear me like a pearl

And I will shine like all day light

Riding on my sweetest girl.