The Only Fault

Your only fault
Is the one that hurt me
It's the one that's
Causing me to write
I gave you all of me
You knew exactly how I felt
Exactly how far I'd fall
I don't know why
You changed your mind
I can't do anything about it
You were perfect
I know I had to love you
I've never hurt this badly
All because of the best thing
I don't know what to do now
Everything revolved around you
My every thought, breath; you
I saw this lasting forever
I saw is going places
You just want friends
I don't know if I can do that
I want you here but…
My feelings are so strong
Stronger than ever before
Why did you lead me on so?
I can't be mad
You don't disserve it
I got too far in
Way too fast
For you and for me, too
My head aches
As tears fall down
I don't know what to do now