your hands grope across my skin
plucking dignity from the gosebumps
studded up and down my flesh and
im not surprised you don't cry too
mortified and disfigured you were
foul foul foul
and the cheep glow of street lights
falls across your face & makes my
eyes rust with the effort of
staying awake...
of staying awake . . .
one smack and you snatch
my bubble breath, leave me
collapsed in a gasoline throb
and ache of ghostly car lights
my eyes falling off the edge like
waterfalls, into the dewdrop
oblivion below.

in the morning, for one second
it was as if the turf in front of me
was a meadow, my head a supernova
tremble of ignorant bliss
then a plastic bag fluttered across my
marble cold palm and
Iwas spoiled ,
once more.