Asking, pleading, heart is bleeding

Begging, praying, what I keep saying

Yet a wish not granted is a wish lost

Over time, it dissolves

Only to be brought back anew

With a fresh blast of pain

Wanting, hoping, standing and moping

Crying, seething, hardly breathing

Love is a fickle concept

It can betray you like that

Or brush you with its teasing fingers

But rarely is it true

Sitting, standing, always it's branding

Sighing, lying, the truth defying

To ask for what cannot be

Is all but torture

I want it, but…

It won't happen, can't happen

Sobbing, weeping, never sleeping

Loving, adoring, ever-imploring

How I wish it could happen

Horrid, horrid aches in my heart

Wishing, longing for something that cannot be

Yet wanting it all the same

The things we love may be out of our reach, but we can always try.