Divisions and we suffer for them to bring this love into life
cradle it between our laced hands and try to breathe the warmth of dreams,
make it glow like newborn stars but we already taste of dust.

I keep trying not to notice
that I'm really quite sure I don't know who I am anymore.
giving in to concepts like that spin me when I'm already elliptical,
adjusting multiple orbits and always trying to fly closer to your center.
how long has it been, how many nights ago and since did I tell you
the most beautiful things in the expanding sky are falling stars and comets
burning up with combustion and unpredictable degrees and passing us by
on their lightyear ways to exhaustion and inexistence.
I think maybe you heard the inflections of poetry and love when I spoke
but you didn't give in to the truths of dismay and hear what I was stumbling to say.
I told me, told you, told us both- we are speeding too fast to last, brilliance blinding
but we are both so eager to peel our skin and evolve into each other's cores,
my waterveins and seashot eyes slamming into your eartharms and treelimbed heart.

I am so entranced and enlaced with you that galaxies will spin to dust
before I ever, ever design a flight path that will not tear me into two thousand dimensions
when I am forced to build and bring light to new worlds without you.