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Yes, this is about Alicia and Lucie that were in 'Man's Best Friend or Puppy Love'

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Overrated Normallacy
The Beginning

It was late afternoon, the hottest part of the day- in mid august, at a small lake not far from a city. There was a light scattering of people along the shore, small herds of children in the water, a few boats further out in the water, and a small, nearly empty dock.

Off to the side of the dock, on a nearly deserted part of the shore, a young woman was resting on her baby-blue beach towel. She had short brown hair that barely went past her ears, lightly tanned skin, proof of previous visits to the lake with proper use of sun block. She was wearing a simple one-piece green bathing suit, and a golden pendant resting in the hollow of her throat, that was secured by a thin black strap, which had made a tan line.

An excited, upbeat song cut through the peacefulness of the scene and she groaned, rolling over and grabbing the phone out of the sand and proceeding to flip it open and move it to her ear.

"This is Alicia- Speak now or forever hold your peace." She said, green eyes opening to glare at the sand.

There was a high-pitched giggle from the other end, which caused Alicia to mouth a curse.

"Good morning, Sunshine!"

"Its quarter after four, Fay. The world does not wait for your sex life."

"Oh how she hurts me- stings like a bee, my fierce little sunshine bird! So how is the beach looking? Any hot little play things?"

"Shut up, Fay." Alicia hissed, blushing slightly.

Fay giggled. "Hey…alright. Just wanting to wish you the best on your first day of school tomorrow."

Alicia groaned. "Why'd you have to remind me? Ugh…why must my school start on the SIXTEENTH of AUGUST, while all the others start TWO WEEKS LATER?!"

"Because they're bastards."

"Or masochists- torturing teachers and students alike."

"Don't feel so bad, you get over 2 months off work in the summer, 3 weeks in winter, one week in spring..I have to work all year long! …Speaking of which, didn't you have to go set up your classroom today?"

"I was already there, around 10 or so this morning, my little brother- remember him? 'Vinnie'?"

"Yesyes, I remember him…he was such a cutie!"

"Erm..acting like I didn't hear that..anyway he and his friend Annie helped me set up the room, then they had to go to the mall to meet with Annie's older sisters."


"Yeah…anyway, so why'd you really call me?"

"Cause I wanted to wish you good luck on your first day of teaching tomorrow!!"

"Right…and I'm Julia Roberts. What did you want?"

"Shopping tomorrow- I'll pick you up from school-or should I say 'work'? Anyway, I'll be there and you better be ready! I want you to meet someone, so try not to dress too much like a teacher…perhaps like one of the teachers from the school-boy porno-"

"Is that all, Fay?"

"Will you come?"

"…Sure…" Alicia mentally slapped herself.

"Okay! Bye! Take care, love!"

"You too, hun." Alicia sighed and flipped the phone shut.

"What the hell did I just agree to?" She asked as she placed the phone on the towel next to her, before rolling over and closing her eyes once again.

Alicia groaned and wiggled around before stretching. "Oh well…I would like to spend some time with Fay…" She yawned and slowly drifted out of consciousness.

Night had fallen by the time she woke up. Blurry green eyes fluttered open. "Snu-huh?" It was a full moon, and not a single cloud in the sky, the stars twinkling down at her, as if laughing.

Alicia shook her head and sat up, wincing as she did so- pain shooting across her skin. 'Shit…sunburn.' She thought, grimacing as she stood up.

A loud splash in the lake caught her attention, causing her to jump and turn so that she was facing the lake. She scanned the lake, and took a step forward as some waves and bubbles caught her eye- just a little more than 40 feet from the shore.

The area exploded with splashes and weird noises, a small, pale arm shooting out of the water and flailing about before sinking back under the water.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" She yelled, jumping back.

She waited a few minutes and when nothing else happened she ran into the water that had cooled off in the night air and shivered. She ran out as far as her legs would take her before swimming over to where she thought the person had been.

She paused and softly treaded water, listening for any indication where a person might be. She began getting slightly nervous and jumpy.

'Ok its no big deal…creepy drowning-victims don't normally become zombies immediately..Damnit why must my brother be so obsessed with horror and occult films?!' She thought, nervously chewing her lip.

She screamed as an icy hand wrapped around her ankle and began pulling her down.

She began choking on water as soon as her head went under. She brought her knee to her heaving chest and reached down, grabbing the person's arm and pulling them up closer to herself.

The person, no, child's whole body was like ice- it felt like it was sucking the heat right out of her body wherever it touched her.

Eventually the child released its grip on her ankle, and replaced it with a vice-like grip around her waist.

Alicia struggled to get to the surface, white spots dancing across the backs of her eyelids, her lungs screaming for air. As soon as she reached the surface, she hauled the child up, allowing it to breath.

Slowly she began swimming back towards the shore, trying to ignore the fact that the child was squirming around until had placed its face in the crook of her neck.

As soon as she could touch the bottom she began walking, moving the child into her arms as she went.

She collapsed on her towel and with some effort, managed to move the child off of her, before going into a coughing fit, spitting up water.

"Damn kid…you gave me one hell of a scare." She said once she had calmed down. She reached over and placed a hand on the child's back, hissing slightly at the frozen skin. Slowly she rolled the child over and stared down in shock.

The girl was about 10 or so, with a patch over her right eye, and skin that appeared to have never seen the sun. She was beautiful- more like a sculpture than a living person. She wore a simple dress that almost looked like a summer nightgown, and shoes with strange cat-like claws coming from the toes. The girl had long dark hair, and light-blonde or possibly white bangs that were plastered to her face, almost blending in with her skin.

Alicia stared down at the girl, only to begin freaking out, once she realized that the girl wasn't moving. She lowered her head to the girl's chest, listening for a heart beat.

She found none and began to panic. "Oh god…please…"

She waited a few seconds before beginning CPR. '1, 2, 3…..1, 2, 3 ….ok now breathe…C'mon kiddo…1, 2, 3…..1, 2, 3….please make it….breathe….1, 2…thr-' Her train of thought was cut off as the girl began to cough an sputter.

Alicia pulled back and smiled as the girl calmed down and opened her eye. It had a strange, glowing appearance to it- as if it was reflecting the light of the moon. Alicia reached over and helped the girl as she moved to sit up. "Hey there…take it easy now…" She smiled slightly. "How are you feeling?"

The girl merely stared at her before grinning. "I'm feeling a tad-bit disoriented…and extremely ravenous.." Her voice was soft and light, and held an accent that was unknown to Alicia, which was incredibly strange- Alicia had toured all over the world…

Alicia smiled "Thank the heavens..What were you doing out here this late at night? Where are your parents? Do you live nearby? How'd you get here anyway?" She asked, tilting her head to the side.

The girl smiled slightly at Alicia's enthusiasm. "I came out to the dock because I love watching the reflections of the heavens in the water…I suppose I got a little carried away and fell in to the lake.." Her eyes flashed and she clapped her icy hands to Alicia's cheeks.

"My name is Lucie, what's yours?"

"My name? Oh right…sorry. I am Alicia Fairbrooks. ..Lucie, what's your last name?"





"Close enough..just call me Lucie." She said as she bounced up, seemingly completely recovered. "I owe you my…life, Ms. Alicia Fairbrooks!" She continued smiling, seemingly fascinated with the pendant around Alicia's neck. "What a wonderful necklace, Ms. Alicia Fairbrooks…an heirloom I presume?"

Alicia glanced down before fingering the necklace, "Thank you…and...as a matter of fact it is.." When she glanced up their gazes locked. She felt a wrenching, twisting feeling in her body- as if something was there that wasn't supposed to be, a wave of helplessness and anxiety washed over her, causing her to break into a cold sweat.

But it was all over in a second, and Alicia was left in a daze.

Her body seemed to move of its own accord as she gathered her things and began the trek to her car, Lucie in tow.

She unlocked the car and threw her things in the backseat as Lucie climbed into the passenger seat and closed the door. Slowly she slipped in behind the wheel and closed the door before beginning the 45 minute drive back into the city.

They pulled into the parking lot of Alicia's apartment complex five minutes early due to the lack of traffic, and parked next to the stairwell. As Alicia began to gather her things, Lucie seemed to simply melt into the shadows.

After Alicia had gently pushed the door shut with her foot, she ascended the stairs to the fourth floor- Apartment #22. She unlocked the door and stepped inside, a puddle of shadows following her in and rising up to form Lucie as Alicia turned on the light and dropped the keys and her cellphone onto a table by the door.

Alicia moved over to the sliding doors that led to the balcony and pushed them open before hanging her wet towel up to dry. She came back inside and immediately went into the bathroom as Lucie made herself comfortable next to a briefcase on the couch. "Since she was a teacher, I'd figure she'd be more organized- this place is a sty. Worse the Dzan's room…" Lucie said smiling slightly as she looked around the apartment. It had a nice table, couch and televison, a laptop on the floor in one corner, surrounded by books and pillows, a pile of papers and post-it-notes against the wall next to it, there was a small dining room set, covered in papers and magazines; a small kitchenet with a bar-style counter that had four stools under the overhang and a hallway with a large closet, and 4 doors – a bathroom, the master bedroom and two doors that were closed.

Lucie got up and began going through the apartment closing blinds and drawing curtains.

Alicia emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in nothing but a towel, a toothbrush hanging out of the corner of her mouth. She walked into the main bedroom and got dressed into a pair of blue cotton pjs before vanishing back into the bathroom.

When she emerged once again, her hair was sticking up in different directions and her eyes were barely open, Lucie was slightly impressed that she didn't run into anything as she dropped the towel on a hamper and then proceeded to collapse on the bed, fast asleep.

A pair of red eyes twinkled from the shadows as lucie dried herself off with one of the towels in the bathroom and change into one of Alicia's shirts which hung off of her.

She smiled and stuffed the towels into the hamper before hanging her dress up in the bathroom to dry.

"I don't like her, Princess." A low voice echoed from the shadows.

"Of course you don't, she is a descendant of my sister." Lucie said with a smile. "Now Dzan, go get Kaeli, we've just found a new home."

There was a growl and then silence descended upon the apartment, only broken by the beating of Alicia's heart and her slow, even breathing.

Lucie smiled and slipped into her shadow before vanishing, what she had said was true- she was ravenous, and it was time for her to feed.

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