What Makes You Smile?
By Simply Shelby

What makes you smile,
When you want to frown?
What helps you laugh,
When the world's got you down?

Did the picture before you
Trigger that tune?
Or the sand on your feet
In the middle of June?

What makes you giggle
'Til you can't seem to stop?
What makes your mood
Go from bottom to top?

Was it the loving, old couple
That just passed you by?
Or was it the figures of clouds
That form in the sky?

Your bare toes in the grass?
Someone braiding your hair?
A good book you just read?
Your friends right beside you, there?

Spending time with your family?
Curling up in a blanket deep in the winter? Brrr!
Dancing and singing when no one can see?
The hot chocolate you drank in the middle of summer?

Tell me, my child, whatmakes you happy?
Do you have the secret tucked away in a file?
Tell me, 'cause I want to know what…
Just what in this world makes you smile?

Author's Note: This is a children's poem inspired by my Sunday School Class and dedicated to my friend, Jasmin, who I miss entirely too much!