This isn't a real chapter. I am a very musical person, I listen to music a lot. So, it occurred to me the other day that I should write a soundtrack for the story to help my readers to feel a little more into the story. And, I could fall asleep, so I figured I could fool my brain into thinking I was doing something.

The rest of the Popular stories will probably start with the soundtrack, then the story, but it'll be posted at the same time.

Popular Soundtrack:

1 – Ohio is for Lovers Hawethorn Heights

2 – Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Good Charlotte

3 – Material Girl Madonna (Cara theme)

4 – I Want you to Want me Letters to Cleo

5 – Tears of Pearl Savage Garden

6 – Pink Aerosmith (Beth theme)

7 – Lose Control Eminem

8 – Thank You Simple Plan

9 – The Boy is Mine Brandy and Monica

10 – It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Fucking Death Wish My Chemical Romance

11 – Wannabe Spice Girls