You are my fire.
The burning passion.
The heated hunger for your kiss.
The all-consuming flare for your affection.
The cleansing being who makes me whole.
The fire in me burns for you, too.

You are my water.
The motion of your heart keeps beat with the waves.
Your strength is awe-inspiring.
You can give life or extinguish it.
You feed my love each day, like an ocean feeds a river.
The water in me churns for you, too.

You are my wind.
You push me along through life's oceans.
Stranded in the desert, you are my cool tropic breeze.
You blow the hair from my face.
Your caress is the gentlest on earth.
The wind inside me guides me closer to you.

You are my earth.
The rock on which I lay my faith.
The stone foundation of my heart.
The unfaltering shelter from a storm.
The soil from which I gain sustenance.
You are my heart's home.
The earth within me shall shelter you, too.