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I stared at the notepad in my lap. After reading each word I had jotted down on it very carefully, I glanced back to the woman sitting in the chair across the desk. She stared back at me with nervous eyes, I had to comment.

"Mrs. Bast, you are a Virgo, am I correct?" I asked, getting out of my chair to walk to the bookshelf by the door to my office. The woman nodded her plump head and restated her birthday for the millionth time that session. I gave a great 'a-ha' when I found the book I was looking for and I opened to a page on Virgo. "And do you know anything about the behavior of a common Virgo?"

"No, that's why I came to you, Miss Reginald." Mrs. Bast replied, clutching her handbag. I almost laughed. The woman couldn't do anything for herself. Rich people are really lazy.

"Then you weren't aware that a Virgo usually gives the impression that he or she isn't a people person." I reached over to show her the page in the book. She looked it over and gasped, placing a hand over her mouth. "People don't hate you, Mrs. Bast. You just give the impression that you don't want to be around them."

"Oh, dear. What shall I do, Miss Reginald?"

"Don't fret. Just smile at someone once in awhile and you'll have more friends than you can keep track of." I tapped my finger on the armrest of my leather chair impatiently. I really wanted to get this session over and done with. Working for the rich wasn't exactly fine and dandy. Besides, it was almost lunch.

She wasn't convinced, because she gave me another nervous smile. I cursed mentally and got out of my comfortable chair to console her. If I didn't, I wouldn't be working another day here. I took her hands in mine and gave her a forced smile, which seemed to be warm and generous, "Trust me, Mrs. Bast. Now get out of here and make some friends."

Really. It was like trying to make my little brother eat spinach. I'd tell him it was good (and it isn't) just so he'd eat it and it would make mom and dad happy. I convinced him that he'd turn out like Popeye the sailor man if he ate the nasty stuff.

I was glad when Mrs. Bast left. It gave me time to think and just be to myself. Between spending my time with my brother and work, I hardly had any free time left to myself.

That's when the door opened. In came my best friend Melanie with a bag from Wendy's in her hand. She held up the bag and swung it back and forth, as she said, "Hungry?"

"Starving, actually." I smiled as she tossed the bag at me and I dug into the bag to find fries and a frosty, my main diet. Melanie took her food from the bag and sat in the chair that Mrs. Bast had been originally sitting in.

"How's business?" she asked and laughed as I pretended to hang myself.

"Terrible. Why do people even insist to come to an astrologer for help with their problems?"

Melanie shook her head and said in a matter-of-fat voice, "Our money has increased nearly ten percent every since you were hired for the new Astrology Therapist Project. I think this project will become permanent."

"Thanks for reminding me." I sighed, settling my high-heeled feet on the desk as I ate. We talked for several more minutes until my phone rang.

Sighing once again, I picked up the phone and said in my most business-like manner, "Miss Kaitlyn Reginald, Astrologer Therapist. How may I assist you?"

A deep, dry voice on the other end answered, "I have a challenge for Miss Reginald."

A jumped up in my seat. A challenge! I hadn't had a challenge in several months. As a little bonus for working as the Astrologer Therapist, I got to receive challenges where I had to spend a certain amount of time watching over a person, trying to guess their sun sign by the traits they portrayed. And I got paid to do it, too!

The voice went on and I grabbed my notepad and a pen from the desk. He told me of the place where the challenge was to be held. He gave me the number and address of a place called 'Sun Mansion'.

"Now, here at the Sun Mansion," the man continued. "Mr. Sun is housing eleven boys, all sixteen, like you Miss Reginald. Your challenge is to stay at the manor for six months, exactly half a year, and determine each boys' sign. If you complete this challenge, Mr. Sun will give you a payment of two million dollars."

I was speechless. The breath in my throat disappeared and my jaw dropped. I could tell because of the funny look that Melanie gave me. Two million dollars was more than I made in nearly two years!

"So, do you accept, Miss Reginald?" the voice on the other end asked in a daring tone.

I swallowed a couple of fries and paused. I accepted.


I stared around the table at the ten other boys. They all had their eyes glued to the man at the head of the table. I kept my eyes downcast, embarrassed Father would come to our part of the mansion without a notice first. I hated when he came down to this branch of the mansion. It reminded me of my heritage, one I was very willingly ready to forget.

"Boys," Father addressed all eleven of us in one word. "I have news for all of you. Starting in a week, we will have another astrologer live with us. For six months."

At the last statement, Father looked directly at me, his coal black eyes piercing through me. It was like we weren't even related in the tiniest bit. I knew what he was thinking, that if I screwed this up and forced the astrologer to go away, I would regret it.

Across the table, Cornelius's face became bright with a smile and he tapped on the shoulder of the boy sitting next to him, telling him, "This is going to be fun!" Lance and Victor yelled out, while the rest of us sat around the table, looking between the lines of excitement and fear. Another astrologer meant more hiding, more secret keeping. Most of us weren't that good at either.

"What's her name?" Tyrone asked Father, tossing a couple of pennies up and down in his hand.

Father pulled out a newspaper clipping from his coat pocket and slid it to the middle of the table. Tyrone picked it up and read aloud, "Call for a challenge. Our Astrologer Therapist, Kaitlyn Reginald, 16, can determine everyone's sun sign, in any amount of time, for any price."

Sidney looked up at Father and asked, "An Astrologer Therapist? We don't need a therapist here. She'll try to analyze us and make us better people." When everyone looked at him, he mumbled, "Isn't that what therapists do?"

Father slammed his fist on the table, making Jerome and Ferdinand (who were both closest to him) jump in surprise. "You will not complain about the new astrologer, or I will punish each and every one of you. Am I clear?"

Everyone nodded, except me. I shrugged and stood up and walked to the door of the dining room.

"Errol, where are you going? This meeting isn't over yet," Father snapped at me.

Shrugging, our black eyes clashed and I retorted, "Whatever." Then I left. I didn't want another stupid astrologer here, so excuse me if I'm not going to bow down and act like the perfect little lap dog my father wants me to be. Never in a thousand years.

it hopefully gets better later on in the story! thats a big hopefully! i actually wanted to do a story about astrology and sun signs and all that crap, and i was like, hey, why not make a story like this? so i tried writing it and it didnt come out half as bad as i thought it would be!

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