"Do you have to go? Who will play DDR with me while you're gone?" Kyle, my little brother asked as I was packing the last of the things I was going to take to Sun Manor with me. I laughed and patted his head.

"I'm sure you'll find a friend to play DDR with. I won't be gone long, just six months." I reassured him. He looked at me and rolled his eyes. "What?" I asked him, zipping up my suitcase.

"Six months is long. It's half a year." Kyle rolled his eyes again and ran out of the room before I could smack him upside the head. I hated when he corrected me.

When I had brought all of my five suitcases downstairs, I kissed my mom and dad goodbye and loaded up my Ford Explorer. With one last hug to Kyle, and a wave to my parents, I drove away, following the directions that I had written down a week before, when I got the call.

After half an hour, I drove into the long, gravel driveway of the Sun Mansion. I was shocked to see the beautiful gardens that were on either side of the driveway. I passed two fountains, both beautifully made, and several statues of what I was surprised to see were sun signs. I noticed Virgo, Aquarius, and Gemini before I had to park at the end of the driveway. I got out of the car and looked up at my new home for six months. It was a nicely made building, about three or four stories and lots of big windows. I guess I hoped to see a face in one of the windows, but was disappointed when I didn't. Besides, who would be up at 6:40 on a Saturday morning? I know In wouldn't have been, if it weren't for this challenge.

A man was standing at the top of the stairs that led to the front doors of the Mansion. He was wearing a fancy black butler suit and there was no hair on the top of his head. After straightening his tie, he walked over to me and bowed, extending his hand. I shook it and said, "I'm Kaitlyn Reginald. I'm here for a call I received a week ago."

"Yes, yes, this way, Miss Reginald. I hope you are hungry. Breakfast will be ready soon." The man bowed again and took my arm. He looked at my car and said, "I will send someone later to get your luggage."

"Oh, I'd rather get all my stuff now." I said nervously. I didn't like to leave my things in my car for too long. I have this paranoia of people going through my things. "If you can, I'd like my things sent to my room immediately."

The man looked down at me and nodded. He pulled a bell out of his jacket pocket and rang it. Several servants rushed out of the house and he ordered them to take my suitcases to my room and drive my car to the garage. I handed one my key ring and silently prayed he wouldn't steal my car.

As I was led into the house, the man said to me, "I am the butler, Miss Reginald. You may call me Caybin, and I am available whenever you need me."

The inside of the Sun Mansion was just as glorious and beautiful as the outside. The grand staircase and floor were made of marble and the furniture was made out of the finest material. The walls were a miraculous white and several paintings hung around.

After taking it all in, I noticed a dark spot on the white staircase that was easy to spot because of the light color of the staircase. As Caybin led me towards the stairs, I knelt down by the first step to examine the dark spot. It was a crab. And not just some toy crab, but a real, living, breathing crab. As I looked down at it, it stared up at me with its beady black eyes. I couldn't help but gasp at its overall cuteness.

Someone above me yelled and I looked up to see a boy running down the stairs, two steps at a time. He had golden brown hair and dark chocolate colored eyes. He wore a simple mustard-yellow T-shirt and blue jeans. After almost tumbling down the last step, he nodded to me and carefully picked up the crab.

I smiled. The boy was not in the least bit ugly, and he must have liked animals to handle the crab so gently. "Is it yours?" I asked, pointing to the crab.

The boy shook his head, his hair falling into his dark eyes. "It's my friend's. He's out visiting his family for awhile, so I have to take care of it."

"Good morning, Master Kenneth." Caybin bowed to the boy, who nodded in return. Caybin turned to me and said with a bow, "I must take my leave now, Miss Reginald. Master Kenneth will show you to your room."

After Caybin left, I stooped over the crab and petted it with a finger. "It's cute. What's its name?"

The boy almost hesitated and looked cautiously at me as I petted the crab. "It's…Cancer."

"Ah, the sign of the crab." I said aloud, smiling again. Not noticing, I moved my finger into the proximity of the crab's pinchers. Big mistake.

"I wouldn't do that. He gets scared real easily." Kenneth said, but it was already too late for the warning.

Cancer's pincher grabbed onto my finger. Really hard. The shock overwhelmed me for a second and when the pain settled in, I yelled rather loudly and tears poured from my eyes.

Little had I known, my screaming had startled a few people. In the next couple of minutes, I heard something thumping from above and in another minute, three boys came running down the steps. Well, two came running down. The third took his own leisurely time and walked down slowly, taking in the sight before him.

"What happened down here, Kenneth?" One boy with light green hair asked.

When Kenneth spoke, it was to the other boy, not the green-haired one. "Ferdinand, look to her finger. I have to teach Cancer it is a bad thing to pinch other people's fingers." Kenneth glared down at Cancer, and the crab seemed to shudder under his harsh gaze.

Green-haired boy pouted as Kenneth passed him. I could tell he was going to say something nasty, but he stopped when he saw me. Smiling brightly, he held out his hand and said, "I'm Lance. You must be Kaitlyn, that astrologer Mr. Sun hired."

Through my tears, I smiled and held out my hand to shake his, but when he saw my bleeding finger, he winced and mumbled, "Ouch."

The boy next to Lance stepped forward and took hold of my hand carefully, being sure not to touch my finger. He examined it closely, as I examined him. He had thrown on a light blue robe in his hurry to get downstairs to see what the commotion was about. Bright red hair stood on end and was all tangled because he hadn't combed it yet. His eyes were a deep green color.

"My sleep got interrupted for this?" I took my eyes off of Ferdinand and looked at the third boy. He was standing on the third step, one hand on the mahogany banister and the other in his pocket. Lance and Ferdinand turned around and glared at him before turning their attentions back to me.

By the boy's who-cares-what-other-people-think-of-me poise, I could tell he wasn't liked much by others. His hair was wild and dark auburn, and itlooked more maroon when the light hit it. His inky black eyes that mocked and pierced through me, making me very self-conscious.

"And you are…?" I asked reluctantly, my voice as cold as ice.

He smirked and leaned on the staircase railing, never taking his eyes off of me. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

"What I would like to know is why all you people are up and disturbing my sleep this early in the morning?" a new voice made its way to our ears. We looked up the stairs and saw just one more boy walking towards us. He seemed to walk down the stairs with the air of a king. Golden tresses of hair shone brightly, and even though most of his hair was short, two long strands of hair circled his face like a lion's mane. All at once, as I watched him walk down to Ferdinand gracefully, that this boy just had to be a Leo.

The boy with the almost-maroon hair snickered and said quietly. "Looks like Sleeping Beauty is royally pissed after not being waken by his prince. Run away quickly before he sends the evil dragon after you!"

Blondie whipped around and smacked the boy. "I'll have no such insults from you this early in the morning, Errol!"

"Well, excuse me for ruining your beauty sleep, Princess." Errol replied nastily before he walked away. So that was his name. Errol. It sounded elegant and rich, but, obviously, his personality wasn't.

Ferdinand started leading me down a hall somewhere to the right of the grand staircase. I was too stuck in my thoughts to notice until we were in front of a white door and he was opening it. Lance and Blondie had followed, I noticed as I entered the room. It was some sort of infirmary.

"I just need you to sit here." Ferdinand pointed to a chair on the far side of the room. I followed his instructions and sat down.

Lance sat on a bed next to the chair I was sitting in and Blondie stood at the door, hands on hips, trying to figure out where to go. He finally decided to sit on the bed next to Lance and announced, "I am Victor. In case you haven't noticed, I am the most handsome man in this mansion."

He said his last statement with more than just a bit of pride, but that was gone when Lance and Ferdinand burst into fits of laughter.

Ferdinand walked over to me and laughed, "Yeah, Victor, you're the greatest. You talk in your sleep andyou snore so loudly that it wakes everyone else upand your ego is even bigger than this mansion." Ferdinand turned to me. "He doesn't seem so handsome after you spend a day with him."

"At least I'm open-minded. I don't criticize everyone I meet, like you." Victor sulked, making Ferdinand and Lance laugh more. Maybe Victor wasn't as open-minded as he thought he was.

Ferdinand ignored the other two boys and looked at my finger. "Cornelius really should keep a closer eye on his collection of crabs. Kenneth can't watch them all the time when he's away."

All right, the crab belonged to Cornelius, whoever that was. So, note to self: Beware Cornelius's crabs.


"I don't see why he bothered to make that call. That girl is a big waste of our time." Errol rolled to his side so he could look at me for an answer. I sighed and threw the crab in my hands across the room at Errol.

"Don't bring your complaints to me. He's not my father. Personally, I could care less whether or not if there's an astrologer here."

Errol picked up the crab, glared at it, and tossed it back to me. "You're lucky. Any boy with a father like mine would crush under the pressure."

"We all crush under his pressure." I caught the crab before it collided with my head and then I threw it back. "You have to give your father credit, thought. She was sort of cute."

Errol sat up on the bed before the crab could hit him. He mumbled, "She wasn't cute." And before I could question him further, he pointed to the crab on Cornelius's bed and asked, "Don't you think Cornelius will mind if we keep this up?"

I chuckled and bent over the crab, smirking. "Naw, he likes to fly. Don't you, Cornelius?"

"I am a crab! Crabs do not fly!" the crab suddenly spoke, snapping his pinchers. His beady black eyes welled up with tears. "I can't believe you threw me like that, Kenneth. I thought we were friends!"

Errol chuckled and got off my friend's bed. "I see you guys have some issues to work out. See ya." He held up his hand in a wave but stopped suddenly in the doorframe of Cornelius's room. "Cornelius, will you be yourself tonight? Father will be mad if you're not at the welcoming ceremony that he's arranged. So, he wants you to attend, even if you are Cancer."


After Ferdinand took care of my bleeding finger, he, Victor, and Lance all started to lead me to my new room. Along the way, they showed me the other boys' rooms. We met two other boys as we were walking. One was a short boy who had his hair dyed three different shades of blue. The top of his head was spiked up and dyed light blue. The very back hairs by the nape of his neck were dyed dark blue, and the hair circling his face was dyed a blue somewhere in between and got in his almost-transparent blue eyes. A yellow bandana was tied around his head. He wore a dark shirt under a yellow and blue jacket and dark indigo shorts.

The other boy had a head full of curly chocolate hair that was tied back into a messy ponytail. He wore a black leather jacket over a plain white T-shirt and baggy black pants.

They came over to our group. Blue-hair ran right over to Victor while Blackie stayed behind a little ways.

"Victor, it's your turn to make the pancakes for breakfast." Blue-hair snapped right away at Victor. It was kind of funny to see him standing up to Victor, who was nearly two heads taller than him. "So why aren't you in the kitchen?"

"Hey, Tyrone!" Victor ignored the small boy in front of him and announced to Blackie.

"Hello, Victor." Tyrone turned to Lance and smirked as he said, "Lance, you and Benjamin owe me twenty bucks each. So you two should hurry up and give it to me before lunch."

"No way! Benjamin and I thought you were joking when we made that bet last night!" Lance pouted. He peered at Jerome for a second, then he pushed the smaller boy until he was standing next to me. Lance looked us over for a second, then he slapped his forehead and said, "Aw, man, you were right, Tyrone! Kaitlyn is definitely not a short-person name. She's way taller than Jerome!"

I gawked at Lance and then Tyrone. They had made a bet over me! They were so gonna pay...once I find out how to make them pay. Oh, yes, Lance, Tyrone, and this Benjamin fellow are all gonna pay when I get my hands on them.

Oblivious to the plottings of disaster in my mind, Ferdidnand told Lance, "You two should have known better than to bet with Tyrone. He's always serious about his bets." Ferdinand laughed and grabbed my elbow to pull me forward. "This is Kaitlyn Reginald, the astrologer. Kaitlyn, this is Jerome and Tyrone."

Jerome and Tyrone both shook my hand, andstared curiously at my bandaged hand, but said nothing of it as they greeted me with warm smiles.

"I expect you to work with us cooperatively." Jerome stated before walking away. "Of course you can't do chores today, since you just got here. But tomorrow, I expect you to start." He snapped at Victor, "And you had better get to the kitchen before I get really mad."

"I'm coming, I'm coming," Victor sighed melodramatically. "You good for nothing slave-driver."

Lance chuckled and Ferdinand glared at Victor. Before Tyrone left also, he said to Ferdinand, "I expect to beat you at our chess match tonight. So make sure you've got some money in your wallet. I'm going to earn some big bucks."

I watched them walk away before I burst out laughing.


I had sulked when I found out that my father, Georgio Sun, had hired an expert astrologer to find out each boys' sun signs. I had sulked because all of the other experts were clueless and a big waste of time. We could all tell the moment the experts arrived at the mansion what their sun sign was, and that made it no fun. Where was the challenge, the excitement of figuring out the unknown?

It was our little game, one shared between me, the boys, and my father. Father would hire the expert, saying that he wanted the expert to find out the sun sign of each boy. But that was only half of the game. The other half was that we had to find out the expert's sun sign before the expert could find out any of our signs.

But it's tough to keep our secret from the stupid experts. Every week, someone disappears, and that looks suspicious to the experts. One of us would change and be gone for a week. Hiding was sort of easy. There were lots of empty buildings around here to hide in. But making excuses was harde.

"I just wish there were one week where we were all normal." I sighed as I flopped down on my messy bed. Making an excuse as to why Cornelius was gone was hard enough. We just have to make sure our excuse that he's visiting his familydoesn't fail like the last time. When the last expert came to the mansion, Cornelius, being the idiot he was, had accidentally let it slip he didn't have any family after we had told the expert he was out visiting his supposed family. That was tragic.

Things were hard enough keeping Cornelius hidden (because he didn't like to use the abandoned buildings when it was his week, so he chose to stay in the mansion), but then Father had to go and propose this stupid welcoming ceremony for that stupid girl. All of us are supposed to show up. I would have skipped it, if Father hadn't threatened me. He had told me that if I ditched the ceremony like I did the last one, he'd take away my most precious possessions.

Grumbling, I stared and the ceiling and yelled 'stupid' at it. This went on for five minutes before I started to lose my voice. Sure, like yelling stupid to the ceiling could stop the stupid ceremony. I think I just realized I'm in over my head.

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