Memories Fade

By SKATENaked-BlindReaper

Last night

I put in your CD

The one you let me borrow

So very long ago

The words wrapped around me

But I couldn't think of you

Your face was gone

And all I could remember

Was your name, but even that was vague

Time has let my wounds heal

And what once reminded me of you

Now reminds me of someone else

The words reminded me of

A boy I sit next to in math

When I tried to think of you

The face of that boy from last weeks

Strokes show comes to mind

His blonde hair blocking out

My thoughts of you

One day I know that

I'll forget your name

And how I ever knew you

But the memories still remain

In a part of my heart

I no longer wish to unlock

I've been set free

From every memory we shared

Last night I put in your CD