It's short but it's finished.


Darkness covered the tainted world, causing evil to release its wrath upon the land. The creatures from hell roamed, destroying everything in their path. They took pleasure in torturing the villagers. The screams of fear and pain were music to their ears. Seeing human blood dripping out of an open wound, was like watching the sun set over the vast blue ocean, it was beautiful.

The blood of humans and animals covered the surface of the earth. Oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams, turned pink from the blood of those that lived under it. Trees were burned to the ground. Everything that was living was extinct.

As the last living thing was destroyed, Hell began to open. The world began to change into a land of lava and volcanoes. The temperature began to rise dramatically; it would have killed any human. A throne was placed on the highest point of the land and on the throne sat the ruler of hell, Satan. Earth now belonged to Hell.