Bury me alive

That's what they do

They don't know

They'll never know

That with each harsh word

They add another layer

Of insecurity

And doubt

And pain

Until I'm buried alive.

And no matter how

Loud I cry

Or how

Hard I try

I'm stuck

And only you

Can help me out.

And then you come

You've heard my cry

Listened to my heart

Lent an ear

And you begin to dig

With a shovel made of hope.

With each scoop

Another problem is lifted

With each heave

You come closer

To the real me

And when you've

Reached the end

You'll finally see.

A scattered mess

Of hopes and dreams

Hidden behind the

Rotting bones.

The bones that once

Kept me strong

Held me up

Hid my fears

Lay exposed for

You to see

And you'll finally


The beauty that is