I'm only young,

Just six years old,

And yet to me,

A smile's like gold.

They're rarely seen,

Round where I live,

And you'll get no reply,

If one you give,

To the many people,

Who stand and stare.

In this strange world,

A smile's so rare.

Laughter and happiness,

Playing and fun,

They're all hidden away,

It's more common to run,

From the bad men,the guns,

From the cruelty found here.

We don't know of peace,

All we know is fear.

My mummy protects us,

My sister and I,

But sometimes at night,

I can hear her cry.

It's not a nice place,

For children to stay,

But it's all that we have,

Until we leave here someday.

There's war and there's death,

There's mess and destruction,

But until we get money,

We have no other option.