Chapter 1- Enter Into Darkness

Shouting, indistinct voices calling to him frantically. A sharp pain and then the world dissolved around him leaving him in a confusion of colour and movement. Darkness threatened to take over, leaving him battling and fighting to hold onto the light. It was important to hold on. That's all he knew.

Madison sat in the cold plastic chair in silence. The initial tears of shock had faded away leaving only tell-tale streaks down her cheeks. Putting her head in her hands she sighed quietly, glancing up at the figure lying so still on the hospital bed. His deep brown, almost black hair fell onto his face, stark against the unnatural pallor of his skin. The bruise on his cheekbone stood out, purple and blue. She knew the skin would be tender for days, and then her eyes drifted back to what she had been trying to avoid looking at; to the gauze taped firmly around his forehead, disappearing under the back of his head. She knew that under that would be rows of stitches, cruel and black. Holding her brother together. The clean crisp sheets were pulled right up, hiding the rest of his injuries. Madison drew a shaky breath and shut her eyes

Still giggling at the story Ashley had told her, Madison flipped open her phone and held it to her ear. 'Maddy speaking'
'Maddy its Spence.' Madison recognised the voice of her brothers best friend Spencer, but he sounded young and unsure. Before she could ask what was wrong he spoke. 'Where are your parents? I called your house and no one answered.' Maddy interrupted him 'They've gone to stay with Grandma for two weeks. Spence, what's wrong? Why are you calling?' A terrible thought ran through her mind 'Where's Kyle?' Ashley was watching her, concern written clearly on her face. Spencer sounded close to tears as he answered 'There's been an accident...'

Madison forced her eyes open, not wanting to relive that awful half hour as she raced to the hospital, but the scene still played out in front of her open eyes.