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Maddie curled up under her covers, the relief at finally being safe and warm in bed flooding her body. She knew Spencer would be safe for that night at least, and Will had promised to field all the inevitable phone calls that would come in the morning. Maddie snuggled down under the covers, shutting her eyes thankfully.

Her dad had answered the phone with a frantic 'Madison? Is that you?' and shehad heardher mums thankful cries in the background. After explaining the situation to them over the phone, they were no longer angry when she got home, only worried about Spencer and anxious to make sure that his mother was coping. Whilst they had called her, and then proceeded to fuss about calling the police to ensure the house was sorted, Maddie had disappeared upstairs and changed into the long t-shirt she slept in. Sitting on the edge of her bed she had pulled a hairbrush through her dark brown curls until they hung loosely about her face, and then she had climbed into bed.

Lying in the the dark, Maddie opened her eyes, and rolled over onto her right side to face her bedside table. Picking up her mobile phone, she pressed the 'off' button and its face glowed green for a second, illuminating her corner of the bed, before it turned off. She placed the phone on the side, sure that her phone would not interrupt her sleep. She was throroughly exhausted and closed her eyes, quicklydrifting off to sleep.

In Maddie's dream, a song was playing. She knew it well; it was often on the late night radio.

Closed up inside, I'm dying all alone. The lyrics held a new meaning for her and she tried to close her ears against the onslaught on music. Still it carried on. From a dark corner came Kyle, carefully making his way towards her, picking his way through unseen obstacles.

He reached out gently, and took her hand. A storm of pain, mixed up in me. Smiling, without speaking he held her hand to his heart, where she could feel it pulsating and beating gently. Warmth. She looked up into his face and saw a tear roll down his cheek. I'm crying inside, I know you were here.

Kyle stood up, resisting Madison's efforts to hold him to her, and he turned and walked away, silently melting into the darkness. He didn't look back.

How could I have let you escape from my love?

Madison's world started to crumble in on her, dark blocks falling until she was left alone, in a vast empty space, looking out onto a horizon of colour. Hope.

Mixed emotions, shaken up. Madison realised she was shaking as the hope coursed through her. All of a sudden, Kyle reappeared. He had his back to her and was staring out at the rays of hope that shone through. He turned his head and beckoned to her, his eyes shining.She moved closer and reaching out took his hand, her fingers on his wrist where the pulse beat strongly. Never forget that I thought of you, when I was dying alone.

Kyle nodded. Just once. She clutched his hand tighter but once more he was gone, changing course and moving away like the wind. Love me, and I'll never die. You'll never be alone.

Maddie woke. Images flashed through her mind from her dream. Yet only one image felt tangible and real. Her hand on his heart, beating strongly. Kyle wasn't dead yet. Maddie felt a sudden infusion of hope which rebelled against the dread which had filled her since Spencer's attack. Clutching her covers tighter around her she stared into the darkness of her room. 'You're trying to come back aren't you Kyle?' she whispered, the statement tinged with only the slightest amount of doubt.
Maddie woke. Images flashed through her mind from her dream. Yet only one image felt tangible and real. Kyle wasn't dead yet. Maddie felt a sudden infusion of hope which rebelled against the dread which had filled her since Spencer's attack. Clutching her covers tighter around her she stared into the darkness of her room. 'You're trying to come back aren't you Kyle?' she whispered, the statement tinged with only the slightest amount of doubt.

Maddie left her bed later than usual that day. By the time she had got dressed and eaten breakfast it was eleven o'clock. She knew her mother had let her sleep in after her stressful night,she had heardher moving carefully around the house tryingnot to make too much noise.Maddie had switched her phone backon and had immediately received a call off Ashley, who wanted to know if she was alright. Typical protective best friend behaviour.

'Will sent an email around last night telling everyone what had happened. It sounds awful! Are you sure you're ok?' her best friend had asked anxiously. Maddie had spent ten minutes trying to convince her she was fine, just tired and glad that Spencer was alright. She put the phone down and smiled. Ashley was so predictable sometimes. Lovely, but predictable.

'Madison?' Her mum put her head round the door of the kitchen. Madison looked up, halfway between the table and the sink.

'Yeah mum?'

'Your dad's just gone to pick up Spencer and his mum? Can you help me sort out the guest room?'

Maddie looked blank.

'Guest room? Why do we need to sort out the guest room?'

Hannah smiled at her daughter. 'We're having guests. I knew you weren't awake enough last night to be listening. Spencer and Marianna are coming to stay with us this week whilst their house gets sorted out.' She paused. 'Plus I want to keep an eye on Spencer.' She grinned bashfully at her daughter and Maddie smiled, knowing that her mum thought of Spencer as one of her own.

'I'll come and help you in a second, just let me clean up in here.' Her mum nodded and left.

Maddie soon joined her mum in the guest room and they laid out new sheets and covers for Marianna. It had been agreed that Spencer would sleep in the box room next to Maddie's room since, although he was injured, they knew exactly what he'd say. 'I can't take the guest room whilst my mum sleeps in the box room! I wouldn't be able to sleep, I'd feel so guilty…' That was the usual response.

Maddie was just finishing off the box room when she heard the key in the front door. She left the room and hurried down the stairs to see Theo and Marianna walk through the door, Spencer close behind. Maddie threw herself off the stairs, onto Marianne who hugged her tightly in return. 'Not seen you for a long time Mads' she said softly, her voice carrying the trace of a long forgotten accent.

'I know. I missed seeing you.' Maddie pulled back to look the smiling middle aged women in the face. Thank you. Marianna mouthed at her. Maddie winked at her in return and hugging her close again whispered in her ear 'No problem.'

Hannah stood on the stairs watching them.'Theo honey, bring the bags upstairs. Marianna I'll show you your room. Although I'm sure you know where it is by now!'

'Oh I don't know Hannah. My memory's not what it was'

The usual banter came from the two mothers as they walked upstairs, Theo following behind with the bags. They had been friends for a long time and sometimes Marianna seemed more like family than a friend. The same went for Spencer.

Maddie turned and eyed him critically. He gave her a wry look, knowing exactly what she was doing. She cast an eye over the cut on his forehead which held two stitches, the clear bruise which framed his fractured and slightly swollen cheekbone, the way he stood, slightly hunched forward to protect his bruised ribs and the bandaged fingers on left hand.

'Do I pass?' he asked.

Maddie pretended to consider it. 'Hmmm, just about. You might not win Miss World this year though' She broke off laughing as he gave her one of his patented 'I'm not amused' looks.

'Oh what a shame. I had my outfit planned and everything' he countered sarcastically.

'Seriously though' her voice softened. 'You look a hell of a lot better than you did yesterday. How's the head?'

'Still hurts. They gave me great painkillers though. No nicking them, I know what you're like with drugs….' He said casually as he walked past into the living room.

'Hey you! No implying I'm a drug addict.' It was a standing joke that Maddie was a drug addict since she rarely took any form of drugs, including aspirin. 'I so badly want to hit you, but that's not allowed right now. Dammit.'

She followed him into the living room and sitting on the arm of the armchair, fell backwards, looking over at him. 'Just you wait till the bandages come off. Then it's payback!'

Maddie's dream last night had relaxed her to a point where she felt comfortable joking with Spencer like normal. Even with the bandages on, he seemed fine. Spencer had always been resilient though, he'd always been able to bounce back.

Maddie shifted, curling her legs under her in the armchair. 'Oooh can I do your hair tonight? I'll let you paint my nails!' she said teasingly. 'It'll be a proper sleepover!' she said,mimicking stereotypical 'girl sleepover' behaviour, clapping her hands excitedly and grinning.

'Exactly what is wrong with my hair? It's the only part of me not broken!' Spencer pretended to look upset, using the puppy dog face that worked so well with girls.

'Don't give me that look Spencer Dean Denehurst! I'm completely immune to it...' Maddie refused to look Spencer in the face, turning away to face the wall. Spencer laughed.

'That's why you can't look at me is it?'

'Well actually there's an exciting bit of wall here. It's kinda flat and....'


'Smart arse.'

Kyle watched smiling. Thanks to his message through her dream, his little sister was back to normal. Although he figured that might alsohave something to do with Spencer as well. Maybe things would work out. He just had to find a way of getting home.

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