Chapter 2- Replay

Madison had burst into the waiting room having frantically asked a receptionist and then a nurse for directions. Both of them had pointed her in the direction of the waiting room when she asked about her brother. Ashley was close behind her and had to stop sharply when Madison paused upon seeing Spencer. Eighteen and three years older than Madison, just like Kyle, he has always seemed so mature and steadfast. To see him sitting, crumpled forward, head in hands and looking so lost, shook her up inside far worse than the phone call. 'Spence?' At the sound of her familiar voice, he looked up and quickly got up moving towards her. 'Maddy' was all he said before he took her into his arms. She hugged him tightly, knowing the physical contact was as much for his benefit as hers. She pulled back slightly to look up at him. He visibly composed himself, although his deep hazel eyes were still filled with unshed tears. Ashley watched silently from near the doorway as Spencer guided Madison to a chair and sat her down, pulling on across to sit in front of her. 'We were walking back from Eve's...'

Kyle shoved Spencer playfully as he teased him about Evelyn 'Come on Kyle you know you like her. Just admit it already' The tall dark haired young man grinned sheepishly 'Ok so I think she's pretty. Its never going to happen though, I know she has a thing for Craig Dawson'
'Him?' groaned Spencer 'He's so full of himself! Just don't even mention his name'
Kyle gave his trademark lopsided grin and looked sideways at his friend 'Anyway I don't think of her like that. She's just a pretty girl who happens to be my friend. Completely platonic.' He could tell Spencer didn't believe him. 'Come on Spence. You know I'd tell you if I did.' Finally Spencer had to agree that Kyle didn't like Evelyn like that and the conversation turned to a film they'd seen the day before as they neared the main road crossing. It was near a busy roundabout, and one turning led to Spencer's house whilst another led to Kyle's. Although the distance between the two houses was minimal, ever since the two had become friends at the age of twelve they had often stayed over at each others. Today it was Spencer's turn to crash at Kyle's. The two young men were laughing and joking as they stopped at the crossing. Seeing that it was clear they crossed, still teasing each other about girls and things they'd said. They reached the other side and started walking towards the roundabout and Kyle's road. 'Hey Kyle, your shoes undone.' Spencer pointed out. Kyle glanced down and surprisingly it was, instead of Spencer trying to trick him into looking down. 'Wait up one second' he said and he bent down to tie his shoelace. Spencer leaned against a wall as he waited for his friend.

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