A Series of Dreams

(Author's note: This story is from a collection of many dreams I've had, all compiled to the best of my ability into one continuous story. Don't expect it to make much sense, because my dreams tend to be very random, and even if they did make sense, this is several different "stories" wrapped into one. I'm trying to stick, as much as possible, to what I remember from the dreams and what happened in them; some things will be improvised and added for better effect, but for the most part its all subconscious. Actually, the story will switch many times because not many of the dreams have been developed into a full, effective story. I guess my subconscious is more lazy than I am in that area).

I looked down to see the buildings and streets of 18th-century London, dozens of feet below me as I soared weightlessly through the beautiful night sky. Everything up here was dark, save for a few scattered stars, but down there I could see streetlights and lanterns emanating from their various locations among the busy city. As I looked below, I caught a glimpse of myself, as much of my body that my eyes could see, and was glad to learn that my fine black suit was still intact and hadn't been damaged by the flight. I ruffled a hand through my curling dark hair and then stroked my moustache, which matched my hair in form. I seemed to be a member of the wealthy upper class, and this was going to be a good night.
Looking at the sky ahead of me, I noticed another figure floating through the air as well. Upon getting closer, I saw that it was a young lady, clad in a fine dress, the feminine equivalent of what I was wearing. She had long dark hair, and was quite pretty.
"Hello.", I greeted her.
"Hello.", she replied.
"It's interesting meeting someone else here.", I commented, trying to make good conversation.
"Yes.", she agreed. "But I'm glad we're able to fly through the sky together"
Though as it turned out, we didn't get to fly through the sky together for much longer. For some reason unknown to me at the time, the sky and the air around us all began to disappear; the buildings below turned into a dull, gray floor. Once all the transformations had stopped, I found that we were no longer flying over the English sky, and I was no longer a wealthy upperclassman with a fine suit and a moustache. I was just regular me, sitting on a chair in an almost totally empty room.
(Author's note: That may sound like its waking up from a dream, but this whole part actually still happened within my dream.
I looked to my left and noticed a large piece of machinery resting on the ground. Then I remembered. The virtual reality machine! Of course! That was what had caused the strange images and sensations, and when the machine turned off we had returned to reality.
"Sorry about the difficulties, just a few bugs I'm trying to work out.", said a tall man with white hair and a matching lab coat. He was a professor or scientist who had built the virtual reality machine and was letting me test it out. "I hope both of you don't mind a little time back in reality"
"Both of us?", I repeated. "Who else is here"
The professor chuckled slightly. "Why, did you think that girl you met was just a product of the machine? No! I put you both together in the same virtual world"
I looked around to the other side of the machine, and sure enough, I wasn't the only person. A girl was sitting on a chair much like my own; presumably she was the one I had met in the virtual world, but of course in real life she looked totally different. Then, I recognized her. It was my cousin, Andrea.
"Oh, it's you!", I exclaimed. "I didn't recognize you in the virtual world"
"Yeah, me neither.", she said. "Well, I've got to go now; school is about to start"
I looked at the clock, and it was true. "Yeah, I guess I should be going too. See you later"
We both left the professor's office and headed off to our respective schools.
Today was a special day at school; my first period class was having a party. Well, not exactly a party, but at least a dress-up day, in which the theme was Roman/Greek warriors. When I came into school, I was appropriately dressed in a brown, nondescript tunic. I also had a sword (not a real one, just made out of cardboard) and a large shield for battle. As shields in those days were often adorned with the design of an animal, mine had a large spider on the front, colored bright red and blue. Certainly, I was ready for class.
But when I got to my first class, something was different. The teacher wasn't there, but in her place were an older man and woman who looked like nobility or royalty; possibly a king or queen. I had never seen them before, but it didn't look like they were up to any good.
"Hey, what's going on here?", I asked no one in particular.
"The school has been taken over!", answered one of the other students. The ruling family, whose name is Hamburger, have overthrown the principal and set up a new totalitarian state. We're living under oppression"
That didn't sound good. How did that happen?, I wondered. "Submit to our rule.", said King Hamburger. "There is nothing you can do about us now"
"Oh, isn't there?", I questioned, trying to sound bold. "Are you sure about that?" Before the king could reply, I had run over to the teacher's desk where he sat and drawn my sword. With one swift blow, I cut off his head.
"Yay, we're free!", cried the students of the class. "The ruling family has been overthrown"
Little did I know, this was only the beginning of many strange adventures I would be having from that point on. To be continued...