I don't know what it was about that day, but it seems all the adventures, disasters, or strange happenings came right around that time. I couldn't even go through the rest of the school day without something absurdly abnormal happening! The nest thing came when I was sitting in math class and the teacher was checking homework.
"Pass your homework up to the front of the room, please.", the teacher instructed us.
I reached into my folder full of papers to try to find my homework, and I did find it--or at least, I found the paper I was supposed to have done my homework on. Now that I saw it, I remembered what had happened yesterday: I hadn't wanted to do my homework, so instead I just drew a picture of a cow on the paper. Actually, it looked like more of a bull, or the skull of a bull...and the creature was wearing glasses and a blue shirt. I didn't really know what it was that I had been drawing.
My good friend Mark sat in the desk in front of me. Since we were passing our homework up, I gave the picture of the cow to him. Mark looked at it for one second, then laughed at loud.
"What is it?", I asked him. "What's so funny"
He was able to stop laughing long enough to answer. "This cow is funny.", he said. "I really like it." He paused for a moment, then added, "In fact, it's so cool, that I think it should take over the world"
At those words, much to our surprise, the cow jumped out of the page and came into the classroom. A bovine version of a maniacal laugh emanated from its mouth, ands then it spoke: "I am the cow, and I am here to take over the world!" Mark laughed again.
After already stopping one illegal conquest that day, I wasn't about to let this cow just come into our world and do whatever it wanted. Angrily, I stood up and replied to it.
"Listen, cow.", I said. "You may try to take over the world, but you can't win! I'll stop you"
"Oh, really?", the cow inquired. "And how do you intend to do that"
Before I could answer, I found myself no longer in the classroom. I had been transported elsewhere, most likely by the cow's mysterious power. I was scaling a large black wall; at least, it looked large to me. Upon further examination, I realized that I had been shrunken down from my normal size and sent to hang on this regular-sized wall.
Great, I thought. I hate when this happens.
But it was about to get even worse. Looking across the wall I was on, I saw someone else. He was clad in all black and almost blended into the wall, but he was there. I realized that this person was actually a living action figure, but since I was now so small, it looked like a real person. From the fact that only his eyes were slightly exposed, and that he was coming at me with some advanced and dangerous fighting moves, I guessed my opponent to be some sort of ninja.
With a shout, the ninja charged at me and launched his fist, almost knocking me down. I couldn't really use my hands, because I would fall off, so I kicked him to try to knock him down.
"Give up!", the ninja shouted, his mouth still moving after he spoke. "You will not defeat me"
I didn't pay any attention, but swung my foot to kick him again. This time I struck pretty hard, and the ninja lost his grip and plummeted towards the ground, with a despairing cry. I saw his plastic arm break off as he connected with the ground.
Relieved, I continued climbing the wall, away from the battle and hopefully back to some semblance of normalcy. But such was not to happen, and, as I would soon find out, the end of one crazy adventure just led into the beginning of another.
To be continued!
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