Chapter One: So it begins

The rain was crashing down in buckets as Priest Samuel from the island of Hollowtree ran. A bewildered face was his as he sprinted for his life. His sandals were torn and his clothes ripped, but still he ran on.

The lightning flashed and he ran faster still. His lungs felt as though they were going to explode… but he knew he couldn't stop. They were after him. They wanted him.

The Thunder roared and he heard a cackle. The laugh hurt him and all he wanted to do was lie down and cover his ears. He was dizzy and wanted to sleep… He closed his eyes and the world turned round and round…

Then just as he no longer knew where he was, he tripped over a root and splashed into a puddle of water. He suddenly realized why he was running and where he was.

He crawled to a nearby tree and started to cry as the dark figure approached.

"Please," He cried to the giant, "Please, I'll do anything! Just don't kill me!" he whimpered and cried harder.

The monster only cackled again and lifted its giant, slimy, black tail into the air.

This of course was too much for the priest. He once again felt the dizziness, and fatigue. Just as he was about to faint, he felt something hot on his chest.

His eyes widened because of the black fire on his shirt. In panic he started running around the evil thing.

Rolling its eyes, it spun around and hit the man with its scaly black tail, putting out the fire but scarring Samuel for life.

Surprisingly, the man was still conscience next to the same tree. He started whimpering and the Bolachit smiled.

"I will spare your life," Said the mutated dragon in a deep voice, "Bring me The Light. And I will spare your life."

The Priest awakened, sweat-soaked realizing it was a dream, one of many in the past few weeks. He buried his head in his hands and got up, saying "It is time."

And with that he got ready to speak with the king.

Priest Samuel, King Arthur's own priest run down the long marble halls to the king's throne room. In his arms, were the sacred scrolls of The Light. His grandfather was the one to find them in the caves of ancestors, and because of his grandfather's and father's death, he was the only one living that knew of their existence. He's sandals clicked against the stairs' sides. Ignoring the king's solders, Priest Samuel- who was mostly called priest "Sam" by the king- opened the large wooden doors that opened to the king's throne room.

He walked up to the king's throne with caution. The king's smile grew even bigger when he saw Samuel.

"What advice do you have for me today, Sammy my boy?" The king exclaimed excitedly. "I trust the weather will be good in the next few days! You know that I have a jousting match tomorrow, don't want to miss it because of some rain!"

Bowing low, Samuel muttered the few words that would change the three islands forever. They were so soft that Arthur, who had the best hearing in all the islands and was only about a foot away couldn't help but not hear.

"I'm sorry," was the king's loud answer. "I'm sure that said something to me, but it was too soft to hear, would you mind saying it again, a little louder this time?"

Bowing even lower, the priest said his phase again, this time slightly louder.

Unfortunately, the king heard him loud and clear. "They are coming."

The king's laughter was harder than usual that day. This confused Samuel until he noticed the wineglass on his table. That'll do it thought Priest Sam even just a sip of wine makes the king go loopy. Poor Sire, you're head will be hurting tomorrow; perhaps you should put off that jousting match until a later date.

The priest casually walked up to the king's table and took the wine saying "Sire, you know perfectly well that this wine makes you slightly more insane than usual. I should take it away right now and send you to bed."

The king started crying like a five-year-old. "Why would I listen to you?" He cried, "You're not my daddy! My daddy is gone, He left me!" He cried and cried.

Samuel quickly came over to the throne and sat down next to him, holding his head in his arms. "I know, I know, It's alright I'm here" He said in a soothing voice. "I think you're a little tired. It's time for bed… go on."

He watched the king whine and walk slowing to his bedroom.

Well, He thought, I guess my story of The Light will have to wait for another day.

And for another day it waited. A week actually, for too many things went on around the king and it took seven days before Sam could get him alone.

Every night he faced a fiercer foe than the night before and every morning when he awoke, he found a new scar. The first was from the black fire and it was black as well.

Finally the day came when he knew he needed to tell the king, time was running out and his scars increasing.

"Sire," He said finally interrupting the king, "We need to talk, alone."

"Yes, yes," Said the king in his usual dazed look as he looked into his princesses' eyes. "Can't you see I'm busy right now, can't it wait until later?"

"No." Was the priest's immediate answer, "Time is running out."

"Alright then," King Arthur said with a sigh. "I will talk again with you," he poked the young maiden in the nose, "on the morrow. Goodnight fair damsel."

The girl giggled. "As you wish, your majesty" she curtsied and left the throne room.

Both the priest's eyes and the king's eyes watched the girl as she skipped out of the room.

"This better be important!" Exclaimed the apparently annoyed king. "You must know that I can have your head for interrupting my lovely Anne and I."

"Wasn't it a Caroline last week?"

"Oh, no, Anne is my pet name for her… where is this conversation going?"

The Priest shook his head. "I've been waiting to tell you sire, they are coming."

"No, no!" Exclaimed the king, as he got out of his chair in an outrage. "This can't be! Why didn't you tell me earlier?!"

The priest laughed. "And you think I didn't try?!" The priest showed the king his bruises and scars he had gotten the nights before. "Every night I have a new scar, and with the scar the dragon tells me the same warning: 'bring me the light, and I will spare you.'"

The king nodded, "who is this 'Light' person? Is he a mighty warrior?" He smirked and then winked at Priest Sam.

Priest Samuel shook his head, and then smiled himself. "No, not a he sire, a she."

"Oh," Was the king's answer. "I'm guessing the creatures have a thing for pretty damsels, perhaps?"

"Perhaps indeed." Laughed the Priest, "But The Light is much more than a pretty face, I have no doubt that the monsters are more afraid of her ability with a sword than her beauty."

"Her ability with a sword?! A warrior and a woman? Impossible, you know as well as I do that the only women with any good swordsmanship whatsoever are in jail, as they should be."

The priest laughed. "Sire, just because you have banned women from fighting, doesn't mean there aren't any women warriors!"

"It doesn't?"

"Of course not! And you should be thankful that it doesn't otherwise your kingdom has no chance whatsoever for victory against these freaks."

"I'm sorry, Sam, but I just cannot go along with this. A woman warrior is out of the question. You of all people should know how I feel about such a subject."

"Indeed. And I of all people also know that you are no village idiot. If I could change things, you know I would. But their minds are their minds, and this is what they want. She is our only hope. Are you about to give that up?"

The king thought a while, he was against women fighting but he wasn't stupid, if "The Light" was their only hope, he would have to go along with it. "How do you even know that this 'Light' person is a girl if they only told you 'bring me the light and I will spare you'?"

"That's the exciting part, sire!" Priest Sam said, "Why didn't they talk to you in a dream instead of me? Because they knew I knew all about 'The Light'!"

"And how do you?"

"It's my family secret. My grandfather found a scroll in a cave when he was a boy, and has been giving it down from generation to generation along with his priesthood. The scroll talks all about The Light in the form of a poem. I am the only one in all the three islands with any knowledge of it." Said the priest, as though he was proud of his father's and grandfather's work.

The king grinned from one ear to the next, "Well what are you waiting for? Read it, my boy, read it!"

The Priest opened the scroll he had been holding under his arm and read it:

"She had beauty,

She had love,

She had strength,

As well as brain,

They called her the pearl of the world,

She would save the people.

When the world was in trouble

When they would knock on our door

Asking for her

The Light would stand up out of the shadows,

Thought dead by all,

She would fight them by hand

Her only sword on the ground,

She would save the people.

Like a rose trampled on the ground

She would make the jump,

And win it all for the people

But lose herself

She would be as selfish,

As she would be weak

She would give it all up

For the one she loves

She would save the people.

Without anything

But her own broken hands

She would change evil into good

To save me,

To save you,

She would give up herself.

She would save the people."