"Chopping Block"
Lyrics by P.T.
P.T. on vocals
Steven on guitar
Joseph on drums
Neil on keyboard (I hope O.o;)
P.T. on bass

Wait with me dear while time pulls me nearer
I wait on trial without a judge and wait on trial without
My shame walks on stage, if you fail to strike first
If you fail to cut before the chopping block
Will you struggle in my faint sight? Will you stand in the absence of right?
Where does this go, dear? How does it end here?
When I die in the salt of your tear

Stop me, dammit, pull me out!
Why did you let him evolve like this?
Why did the monster take this route?
It shouldn't have to end like this!

You left me hanging quite literally
And that I can't stand, blasted bastard
You destroyed my image and filled the cracks with self pity
Now run to the chopping block
Now run to the killing stock

Stand away from me, whore, you buried in the floor
The mannequin smile of your jury assassin
If I die before I wake, I beg of you my life to fake
The bag on my head shuts down the coil of day
And now you say you never did, you never had
So there we go on, on blood wings chastised, there I go, end realized
How does the noose choke? How is the neck broke?
How does the fire imagine the smoke?