Day after day

I am sitting here

Staring into the void

The gruesome picture

That moves as I move

That breathes as I breathe

The thing mocks me

It follows me

And I am forced to acknowledge it

For its eyes follow mine

So I stare

Deep into the picture's eyes

I search deep within

For the answers

But the eyes burn with secrets

That can never be told

I speak to It

"What are you."

I am different.

"Where do you come from."

Another place.

"Where is that other place."

The deepest shadow.

"Why do you follow me."

You enjoy torture. So I do too.

"How were you born."

Through your denial of my existence.

My lips moved as the Thing's did

Its voice was mine

"Do you love."

I only hate. As do you.

And then I asked my final question.

"Who are you."

Our lips moved together.

I am you.

So I stared deep into the void

And smiled at ourselves

I am different