Full Summary:

Four friends, one summer, two stories. They all want to have one last perfect summer together, but will it be perfect as they hope it to be. There are two girls and two guys, but what you think will be very different. The two you think will fall for each other actually do the opposite.

Chapter 1

It was going to be there last summer together, one last perfect summer as teenagers. It was there last chance to hang out, have fun, and most of all just be young. It was always in there mind that at the end of the summer they would have to split up and go there separate ways, but for now they were together. The summer, although, would come with more than they expected in the end. It would be a summer of fun, relaxation, and most of all romance.

Haley was the blonde, long blonde hair flowing to the middle of her back. Her eyes sparkled, the color of the bluest ocean. Her body was a size seven and followed by legs up to her neck. She was the one every one envied, but never chose to discuss their feelings. She had wild spirit about her, one in which she used to her advantage, and it sometimes landed her in trouble.

Kelley was the younger sister of Haley, but only by a year. Her and her sister looked nothing alike, because Kelley was adopted, but even through that, they were closer than any other sisters in the world were. Kelley, unlike her sister, had short hair brown that probably hit her at the shoulder, if she wore it down, which she rarely did. She was more athletic than her sister and enjoyed surfing, swimming, horseback riding, and other un-lady like things, as her mother would call them. Her closed heart and rough exterior she used to her advantage, and it sometimes landed her in trouble.

Christian was the strong, silent type of guy. He kept to himself most of the time, except around his closest friends. He spent his spare time collecting things, such as antique baseball cards. He also enjoyed building model cars for fun. His hair was the color of dark chocolate, and his eyes the same darkest brown color hid behind thinned rimmed glasses. He was the dork of the group, he used it to his advantage, and it sometimes landed him in trouble.

Jade was the taller of the two guys, his hair the color of the sun, mostly because he was and always would be a surfer. His eyes were a deep blue, the most unusual shade of blue. He was also a ladies man, he used this to his advantage, and it sometimes landed him in trouble.


Kelley looked at herself in the mirror and frowned. She knew she had gained at least five pounds over the school year and now it was summer. The skimpiest bathing suit would have to be put away for a few weeks until she had time to work out and loose the five pounds.

Instead, she decided on a two-piece bathing suit that covered her slightly larger stomach, but still the swimsuit left nothing to the imagination, as it was low cut on the top and high rise on the bottom.

Kelley couldn't wait to get out on the waves with her surfboard. She had been waiting all year for this vacation and now it was reality. With graduation out of the way, she knew it was time to have fun and relax.

Kelley threw the swimsuit into the open suitcase on her bed and then turned back to the mirror. She pulled on a pair of board shorts, and slipped into a pair of pink flip-flops to match. Closing the suitcase, she hauled the huge lug down the staircase.

"I am out of here," she shouted to her mother. "See you at the end of the summer," she said yelled and with that, she was out the door.

Her friends awaited her at the end of the driveway. She threw her luggage into the trunk and laughed when she heard Jade yelling from the front seat, his head halfway out the window. "Come on were going to be late!"

"I am coming," she muttered hopping into the back seat of the blue jeep. Jade's parents were filthy rich and had bought him the jeep a year ago as a Christmas present. He adored the car and sometimes called it his baby.

"So what are we doing first," Haley asked flipping a blonde strand of hair over her shoulder. She was sitting in the passenger seat and staring at herself constantly in the rearview mirror. Some might call her superficial, but in fact, she had the sweetest and most caring heart anyone could ever ask for in a person.

"I say we play a little playful game of volleyball to get this summer kicked off right," Jade added staring over at Haley. He knew she almost hated sports, but it was the one thing they did every summer to start off the fun events that were to come.

"What else would we do," Christian timed in, looking up from his computer.

"I think it's only proper we follow tradition," Kelley said smiling up from where she had been picking at her fingernails. "You know how big I am about tradition."

"Yes, we know," Christian, said frowning down at his computer. He didn't look up at her, but he could feel her giving him a dirty look, which she was known for doing.

"Bite me, Chris," she said sternly. She was the only who called him Chris; because she knew how much it drove him crazy and that was her main purpose in like, to aggravate Christian whenever possible and however possible.

"Don't make me pull this car over," Jade said laughing in the rearview mirror, his gaze pinned on Kelley.

A few moments went by of silence and then Haley finally spoke up. "This is out last summer together," she whispered in a tone barely audible for her own ears. They were words everyone was thinking, but didn't have to the guts to say aloud.

When no one responded to her comment, she changed the subject. "So when are we going to be there," she groaned.

Everyone in the car except Haley chuckled slightly and went back to what if was they were doing before she had spoken. As beautiful and as smart as Haley was, she was the most impatient person on the planet, or at least her friends thought so.

This was the summer they had been waiting for, and it was going to be the best one ever year. If they could make it through this summer, they could make it through anything.