Chapter 5

Jade scanned the crowded room with his eyes and that was when he spotted her from across the room, her eyes filled with pain. She was on the brink of tears and he saw the way she held her arms in front stomach, her fingers rubbed at them nervously. Through the crowd, he watched as a teardrop fell from her cheek and landed on the floor beneath her feet. Kelley was bolting for the door, but he couldn't understand why.

"I will be back," he told the girl he was dancing with at the moment. The girl nodded and continued dancing as if he had never spoken or left her standing alone. She was probably to drunk too even care what was going on around her.

Jade stepped short of where Kelley was standing and caringly he said, "Is something wrong? Why did you run out of the house like that?"

Kelley who had been staring at the ground looked up; her eyes completely filled with tears. "I am fine," she whispered bravely.

"Why are you crying," Jade asked curiously. He stepped forward slightly and put his hand on her cheek, forcing her to look into his eyes. Jade knew that was the only way Kelley couldn't lie was if she had to stare the person straight in the eye.

"It's nothing, I am fine," she repeated.

"I have known you my entire life, Kelley and I have only seen you cry two or three times. Once was when your dog died, what were we like nine." He smiled at her hoping she would do the same in return, but she didn't.

"I loved Sammy," she whispered.

There were several moments of silence and then Jade spoke up again. "Okay, so are you going to tell me what's going on?"

"Yeah, I guess."

They both found a spot on the sand near the water and sat down. Jade waited impatiently for Kelley to start the conversation again.

"You swear this stays between us," she asked looking him straight in the eye. "Pinky swear you won't say anything to anyone," she added.

Jade smiled and looked down at her finger she held out. "Wow this is serious," he said in a mocking tone of voice.

"Just swear it, please," she said in a pleading tone.

"Okay," he whispered. They locked fingers and sealed the oath of secrecy. After several moments of silence, once again Jade probed her for answers. "So tell me already, it can't be big of a deal."

"I am in love with Christian," Kelley blurted out before she could stop herself. The rationality she normally had in situations like these had seemed to disappear.

"Okay and…"

"What else is there, I am in love with Christian, and he is upstairs right now getting it on with the biggest whore in town. He totally blew me off, for that whore."

"Wait a minute," Jade said shockingly. "Christian is upstairs with Janie?" He paused for a moment and then went on. "Having sex," he added.

"Well they're not playing Monopoly," Kelley said sarcastically.

Jade chuckled slightly, but when Kelley gave him a dirty look, he stopped immediately. "So what are you going to do," he asked.

"What do you mean? I can't just go barging up there and say hey Christian stop having sex with her because I am in love with you."

"Well that's one idea, but maybe something more conspicuous would be better in this case." He stopped and thought for a moment. An idea was beginning to form in his brain.

"Like what," Kelley asked cautiously.

"Do you really love him," Jade asked. "I mean you know without a doubt he is the one you want to be with, forever."

"Well yeah I guess so," Kelley said cautiously. She hadn't thought that far into the future. Did Jade mean marriage. Her being married to Christian just wasn't the way she had always pictured her life. She loved Christian, but then forever was a long time.

"I have a plan, if Christian is the one you really want to be with then I will help you out. I will promise you by the end of the summer you will have him tied around your little finger. I can help you get him if that's what you really want."

The idea scared Kelley at first, but then she remembered the true depth of her feelings for him and everything was okay again. "Okay," she whispered. The summer was defiantly going to turn out to be different than she first expected, and all she could was sit back and watch it fly by her eyes and maybe live a little more fully in the process.

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