I'm a fake

Behind these eyes

Behind this happy face

In this masquerade

Im losing the race

False colours hiding me

Fake happiness displayed

This is what Im meant to be

Ill always be this way......

Im a fake

Does it show,tell me please

Inside this shell I've created

Theres a part of me that Ive kept hidden

Cause its ugly and its not sweet.

Does it show that I'm a fake?

Smiles at other smiles

Changes made for them

They like me they accept me now

or maybe thats just them pretending,

being fake

Ill always be in this shell

Its where im happiest

No one can hurt me or get hurt

Until this bubble bursts

And they all see Im fake

Im a fake

Does it show tell me please?
Like me accept me

Ill be anyone you want

I'll be anything you need

Except fpr myself

Cause I'm a fake and I'll always be this way......