Of Siblings and Sanity

Sometimes, I think
My sister
is more insane than I am.
'Do you have
a dorsal fin?'
She writes.
The red marker,
So random.
It's not snowing.
It's about fifty degrees out
pretty warm
for January.
'like a glove'
ain't she?
'Your an annoying squrril'
Bad grammar
and the inability to spell.
Definitely not me.
I have no time
for internet slang
the way she does.
'Drew mannnn'
Or friends
the way they
monopolize her time.
In bold, she emphasizes,
but still makes no sense.
'I've had the time of my liiiife--'
Perhaps I'm crazy,
but I noticed she always
writes 4 extra letters
if she writes any.
On purpose?
Probably not.
I over-analyze.
'Go Go Power Rangers'
I watched that

when I was younger
I guess at that point
we weren't so different.