You don't realise how much you mean.

You changed me in ways still left unseen.

You think you've got nothing to offer.

Yet your smile takes me higher.


I have given my all but its not enough.

My heart, my love amongst other stuff.

I don't know if its me you want anymore.

My thoughts are: its still you I adore.


We are drifting in and out of normality.

We seem here there and everywhere.

Lets go back. You be you and I be me.

I'm doing all I know, trying to be there.

You said we were once made to be.

Yet now the choices ahead seem so unfair.

There is no way out that one can see

Yet even after all this I do still care.


If you ever feel that you love me again.

If you allow your mind to think its not bizarre.

I will hold you close and take all your pain.

I will heal your wounds, mind your scars.


I will never let go of what we are.

Even though you let go and I fell.

I'm still hanging on if from afar.

I love you sweetie. Farewell?


A/N: wrote this when I was feeling a little low.

Hope this isn't how the story ends though. X