A/N: My sister once made a fairytale in Dutch(you know the language they speak in boring Holland). I've translated it and changed it a itsy bitsy tinylittle bit so have fun reading and please review.

The Ice-Princess and the peasant's son

Once upon a time there was a girl named Filia, she was beautiful, her hair was as black as the night and her eyes sparkled like stars in heaven. She lived in a small village where everyone knew everyone. She loved to be free and she always was happy. Mostly she played outside enjoying her free and careless life running through meadows and gathering flowers in all the colours you could imagine. She always came home with a flower in her hair.

But near the village there lived a cold grumpy witch. The witch hated happy and joyful things, she couldn't stand al the laughing and celebrating of the people in the village. She hated it.

On a night there was a village-feast. "Now it's enough, they're going to far." The witch was mad. She came out of her house and walked trough the woods towards the laughing and singing voices. When the people noticed the witch, they al stopped talking. The nice warm sphere was gone. The witch walked towards Filia and mumbled something in a strange language no one understood. Everything around the girl turned into ice. Her hair and dress turned as white as snow and her skin became ice-blue. Filia did one step in the direction of the vixen and with every step she made the ground under her turned into ice and the air got colder and colder. The witch gave a terrifying laugh and she disappeared. All the villagers ran to their houses and locked all the doors and windows.

Filia let one tear escape from her eye that turned into crystal. "Please, don't go now I'm not going to hurt anyone," she said "please." More tears escaped from her eyes and she started to cry. 'I have to get out of here, or else I'll hurt someone.' She ran into the woods and slowly some people opened their doors seeing her running into the woods.

Filia ran through the forest still with the same thought. She ended up in front of a castle. She looked backwards and she saw a track from ice and crystal.

It was getting light in the village and people slowly came out of their houses the half village existed out of crystal, water and ice. They saw the track of crystal too. Everyone was sad because the loss of Filia. They decided someone had to follow the track. But no one wanted to go because they all were scared. Until Tristan the son off the peasant said he wanted to go.

In the same time Filia walked trough the castle. Because she walked trough the whole castle everything turned into ice. She walked to the big balcony and saw al the animals were running away because of her. There only were a few birds left. One bird flew to the castle en sat on the edge of a once beautiful bench. Filia looked fascinated at the bird. "Everyone is afraid of me, except for you." Somewhere in the bushes she saw Tristan and she slowly waved at him while the bird sat on her shoulder. He waved back and went back to the once so happily village.

In the village Tristan told the people what he saw "She is so lonely, she has no one to talk to anymore." The mayor didn't want to hear anything about it and he had forbidden everyone to go to her. Tristan felt something for Filia, he actually loved her. So he ignored the mayors words, he wanted to see her again. He got up very early once in the week and sneaked out of the village. Only looking at her was enough, if he only could see her. Sometimes she went outside and saw him looking at her, then he did like he was just walking around, but Filia knew better. She felt the same for Tristan as he felt for her. But she couldn't come to him or she changed him into an ice statue and she loved him too much to do that.

After the fifth time he sneaked away from the village, his father wanted to know what he did al those times. Tristan couldn't lie and told his father the truth. His father was against it too and everyone who passed the village was warned of the ice princess.

Seven years later everyone forgot about Filia, except for Tristan, who loved the beautiful princess as much as in the beginning. The princess who was lonely for al those long seven years. Filia thought about Tristan too, very much, she asked herself what happened to him and how he was doing now.

After another lonely day, Filia saw a young man walking towards the castle, it was like Filia knew him already. She recognised him and ran outside into the arms of the peasant's son. "I have missed you so much Tristan."

"I've missed you too." And he kissed her on her lips. The wind began to blow and the ice around Filia melted, she got her dark hair back and her normal skin colour: The curse was raised.

Filia and Tristan decided to stay at the castle.

And they lived happily ever after.