Gypsies are often considered traveling bands of people, usually families, which were able to tap into the magical aspects of the world. This was true, at least on a large scale. In a gypsy's blood held magic that they could tap into. For some reason, in many gypsies, this blood magic made them restless. They couldn't stay in one place for long periods of time; it was just a part of their nature. With the number of gypsies that were nomadic, it became the popular belief that all gypsies were that way. Later on, a few gypsy tribes denied this nature, despite their need.

Families were usually the reason for this. Young children were hard to travel with. Most gypsy parents would settle down at the conception of their first child. Many of their kids left when they came of age. Some however didn't. These stuck with their families. Those that settled down quickly opened shops devoted to keep the family traditions open. They worked hard and they got a lot of business for it. These families quickly grew to have several generations in one city. It was like the old clans, except for they did not move around.

The Nicolae gypsy clan was one such tribe. This gypsy clan was one of the strongest that existed in the ancient world, and their blood magic grew stronger throughout the years. Each female family member had its own specialty, whether palmistry, tarot reading, tea leaves, and so on. The strength of each person was discovered on their thirteenth birthday, when they picked out of several wrapped presents the one that drew them. It was a tradition that had lasted for several centuries, and was always accurate.

One day, the Nicolae gypsies birthed the strongest yet, Ana. She would change the gypsy world forever.