"Lie on your back like a good girl," he tells you

and you let him take you.

It's a curse and a crime and it burns like hell

As he desecrates the flesh you thought you hated

till his touch made you realize just how precious it had been.


He presses you down, the weight of shame

How will you look in the mirror, now, with the stains of his hands

Red and black

Forever scarred upon your skin?

You thought you hated yourself then.

Just wait till morning

But he's finishing, now

Taking the last of you with him, and in his desire he is cruel

So why do you see tenderness?

Because he stroked your hair and read you Shakespeare?

Doesn't matter; when he said your name you thought you loved him

It was your body, always your body, that got in the way

Now that's his too and he can keep it.


You thought he'd make you whole?

Completion feels like willing rape

An excuse they'd laugh at in court

You wanted it

You let him

He thought you wanted it as much as you did


There's only so much you can give away

And as he spends his last and whispers a name

It might have been yours

you've nothing left to give




the rose he sent you is dying in its vase.