A Battle with my heart

My heart had been rubbed raw

My soul had been bourn through

My life had been ripped from me

And my dreams, torn in two

Then all the wounds scared over

And the callouses found thier place

My tears had all dryed up

And I'd accepted my dreary fate

I lived my life quite happily

With a hardened heart of stone

And I knew I would always be

Living life alone

I shunned the precious words

That most embrace with glee

Beacause I knew with truth inside

They could only hurt me

You where the only one

Who made me think "Maybe"

Maybe I could love you

And maybe you could love me

But I still kept up my fight

To keep you from my heart

Because to have you and to lose you

Would for me be far too hard

And now I've lost the battle

Between my emotions and my mind

And I have finnally let you

Into my shadowed life

You have promised you won't hurt me

And I belive it's true

Because I'm finnally happy

Being here with you.