He came in a dream
ad it was all surreal
The perfect one, he'd come to me
and I dubbed him
The Emo Boy
He was quite like no other
Isolated but never cold
and although he was flirtatious
he was only so with me
The utmost physical guy
who won't push you past your limit
he whispers sweet nothings in your ear
plants sweet seeds inside your mind
and the next day, they bloom into creations as lovely as fruit trees
Surely he's the boy for me
and indeed, so it seemed
Then The Emo Boy, he laid his head
so softly in my arms,
and curled up so, together, forever,
we fell asleep
But in doing so, I awoke
into a nightmare world
and The Emo Boy I'd grown to love so
He'd left me in a dream.
The outgoing nature he had
influenced me for some time
I missed him, his sarcasm,
his everlasting touch
And bitter reality pulled open my eyes,
like an ugly baby bird
opening its' eyes for the first time
to the ugly world it's dreamed was so beautiful--
The Emo Boy exists not--
at least not here--
but I'm glad he was there for me in my dreams.
at least you could fit in my pocket
even if you're only a drawing on paper