Maybe they've read me wrong.
Delving into my conscious mind
the safest place I know
Maybe all this time it's been a lie
and my real self has yet to awakwen.
Something new has bobbed to the surface,
causing ripples in a lake that has been rather undisturbes
for centuries gone by.
New thoughts and images appear in my mind
everything screws up my thought process
I'm going haywire.
Something has escaped the depths of my mind
and it wants to get me
I do feel it
This breathes down my neck
observes my every move
it's arousing horrific images in my mind's eye
and I want to escape
but I can't
for that's just what my monster wants me to do.
It's changing my views
dirtying my pure thoughts
making the safest place disappear in ashes.
I am not the same person
in my veins runs new blood
I've been awakened
and I don't like it
but I've got nowhere to hide.