Life Offering

If my pen were but a tool
to bring the world peace
if my heart were but enough
to bring the world hope
if I were but enough
to wipe away the tears
of eyes long dry from crying
I would.

However, as I am
just another
of the race of man
I bring something else

What I bring and carry
what I hold here in my hand
what I sing from lips anointed
is more than I can understand.

More than enough to touch
more than enough to heal
more than enough to make one whole
and hearts thereby to seal

what I have, if you desire
can set your spirit free
from chains of unsolved puzzles
and life's lost mystery

I offer this to you
to fly into your hands
from my heart so heavy
to bring you hope and life
all left to your ability
is to simply say
come: set me free.