There you are
Opening the gates
In your broad arms your steel scepter
Waiting to fire lighting bolts down
At us

Who are you
That lived in my town
And saw me walk to school
There are scars
Where your beard and long hair
Used to fall
Where did you go

You are Zeus in this small world
Of pain and torture
You hold my life in your hands
Though I doubt you realize
That I am living

This is my family
My brother Yannick
My father and my mother
Why are we here

I have heard of what lies ahead
You have come to prepare a place for us
In this chamber of gas
The last room we will ever set foot in

As I pass and reach out for your sleeve
I feel the evil on my fingertips
Please save me
Please let me live

You are a saint
Of your God
Just another man who demands what he wants
And crushes what lies in his way
You will steal the air away from me
And send my young body into the fire
But you will not touch my soul…

History, do not be mistaken
I am not innocent
No one is
But as I descend into the darkness
Let me ask you
Do I deserve this

- Sylvia Matthews, 1943