They said they'd be together till they were old and gray.

Never thought in a million years it would turn out this way.

The boy is in the hospital, and what he doesn't know

is that the girl he loved so much is slowly about to go.

She held on for as long she could and was slowly getting weak.

It took alot of enery for her to finally speak.

She said "Tell Johnny I love him and I'm sorry I had to die.

Please tell him that I'm happy, and try hard not to cry.

Tell him that I'm still here, if only in his mind

and if he searches hard enough I'm sure that he will find...

all the memories he held so hear are still within his reach.

All the lessons he has learned are still his to teach."

The nurse looked at her laying there and gently began to cry.

She found that she wished this young girl wouldn't die.

And she walked down the hall to the room where Johnny lay.

Asking God for the courage for what she was about to say.

But before she could saw a word, Johnny touched her hair.

Eternally grateful that God had answered his last prayer.

Johnny winced in pain, then looked into her eyes

and said "I think you must be an angel in disguise.

For I think I am passing on to another world

and all I want, this one last time is to hold my baby girl.

I have one request of you before I say goodbye...

Tell Maria I love her, and I'm sorry I had to die.

Please tell her that I'm happy, and I'm better off this way

Although I could think of a million things that I would like to say.

Tell her that I'mm still here, if only in her mind,

and if she searches hard enough, I'm sure that she will find...

all the memories she holds so dear are still within her reach.

All the lessons she has learned are still her's to teach."

Slowly Johnny passed away, while the nurse could only cry.

Because although they didn't know it, they never got to say goodbye.

By: Hope Stevens