I hope you know the friend you had
Before your vision went terribly bad

A blind man
Yes, that's what I am
And blind I will always be

Wandering this earth
My vision gone
Nothing for me to see

No light
Just darkness
My eyes have gone black

I wish
That it would come back

The vision I once had

I could cross the street
Without any feet
Walking in front
While I hold the leash

I use to see
And walk leisurely
And nobody noticed
Something special 'bout me

I could walk right by
And just say hi
And no one would see
Something wrong with my eye

The sadist part of going blind
Was not having to leave my vision behind

It was that people finally cared

They didn't care about me
When I could see

But now they do
Because I cant see You

Do they really care about me
Or is it just pity
Because I can't see

It is said to say
But I think it is true
Most people like me
Judge people like you

I'm not saying
I don't care anymore
I just want you to know
I also cared before