and she's just a girl with headlights racing across her eyes
with the concrete pressed up against her back
living beyond her times

acid running down her arms
as she tries to make herself believe
that tomorrow is another day
and everything is going to be okay

trying to drown out the chaotic symphony
of static and tires screeching
blowing gasoline clouds into her vision
as she gets lightheaded and defenseless
all over again

but she knows it's all a lie
lies shoved down her throat
breaking all her tough act denim defenses
stitch by stitch
by someone with a pretty smile
and a halo dripping down a pretty face

fluorescent promises against their childlike laughter

and she knows that she has lost it when she sees
red and green spots settling into her skin
leaving permanant reminders of the day she fell
from reason and into her muddled state
of rotting corpse on concrete

graffiti all around her like some sick sacrifice ritual
of the ones who fell too hard and
who are unable to pick themselves up
soulless soldiers fighting through this game called life

and this may be just another
teen angst story
starting off with
once upon a time (where everything went wrong)
to the happily ever after (that doesn't exist)
but it seems so much more
when you're trying to fight the tears
and trying to fight the pain.

and she's just another girl with
fury whipping through her veins
while the wind screams into her ear
tearing off road signs and limbs of trees
into a hidden utopia hidden in the corners of the earth

as she screams
dreaming of waking up into another world
without all these emotions bottled up inside
and compressed
into her duct taped heart

and she clicks her match
just to see something real
cigarettes burning
puffing out deep sollioquies
of betrayal and anger
as she waves her fist to the sky
fearing that she has lost her sanity
but not really caring
as life hurries by

ignoring the stoner girl
swearing on the streets
as the smoke rings glide upwards
war raging on inside her head
replaying lost conversation
and broken speeches
what happened and where it went wrong

until an aircraft swerves overhead
leaving a white hot dart
of rainbow colors in its path

and through her dried up ecstasy
she fingered the ribbon in the sky
and tied it around her neck

blowing a kiss to a stranger
before saying goodbye.