I Remember

I remember

How it feels

To have tears

Trace down my cheeks

And I remember

What it's like

To long for the

Escape of sleep

And I remember

Yearning for

This kiss of

The cool blades touch

And I remember

What it's like

To wnat death

Far too much

I remember

How it feels

To collapse

Onto the ground

So much pain

Built up inside

It feels like in it

You drown

And I remeber

Fearing That

They would

See my scars

So therefore

I would use me sleeves

To cover up

My arms

So do not think That I

Don't know that you're in pain

I can reconize

The look upon your face

And know that you can talk to me

When you feel the want for death

do not give into fate

And take your final breath

Life is indeed precious

And although it dosn't seem

Just trust and give some time

And you'll see what I see

You'll see that everything gets better

If you just watch it all play out

And you'll allow your dark past to teach

Others going through it now