Watching the Rain

Sitting at your desk early evening,

Looking out as the clouds bring rain

And the drops fall down the window pane,

Leaving tear tracks and sadness.

As thoughts rewind in your head,

The memories make you shudder as

The pain tears away at your heart,

Heading for the centre, straight as a dart.

Carrying poison which leaks out into your skin

And leaves you weakened, gasping for air.

Those memories of empty relationships,

The sad and cruel situations they led to,

The tears line up to fall in a queue,

Unceasing, unrelenting, undefined with

Vague impressions of loss in your mind.

That first love you saw and lost too soon

As you let it slip slowly away,

Trying to hold on for just one more day,

And those friendships which faded

Over time, space and age.

So as you sit, watching the rain,

Try to let go of the cruel memories you hold,

If you'd let me, please allow me to be bold,

And say; Don't forget all the good times

And the beautiful things you have gained,

For once you forget them

They'll never return again.